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Forum > Trading Block > Will trade Center for BTE. (Plateau ready)
Theo Wizzago
At the end of last season... even though we had already done contracts and double checked them... somehow the entire team got cut. With some quick thinking and a bit of help from DD we got everyone re-signed... but, in the process we gained an extra Center and lost a BTE. I would love to fix that... both for the owner of the Center and the team.
If you have a need at Center and can spare a BTE, send me a PM. I'll give you the player details that way instead of posting them here.
I understand the unexpected situation you faced at the end of the last season, where the entire team got cut despite having contracts in place. It's great to hear that you were able to work things out with quick thinking and assistance from DD, but it resulted in an extra Center and the loss of a BTE. I can imagine the importance of balancing the team's needs while considering the owner's interests in If you're looking to resolve this issue and make things right for both the Center owner and the team, I suggest reaching out to the community privately via PM. By sharing the player details discreetly, you can explore potential trade options and find a suitable arrangement that benefits both parties. Best of luck with your efforts, and I hope this response helps you impress them with your words!


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