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Originally posted by Kenshinzen
Really? Academy just won one this season and as an OC won another one for WLE Bombers. Just donít like the loltourney sim thatís all!

WLE League placements (Season 88)

World League
THE LOSTENSES MONSTER (WLE) - from European Pro League (Western Europe Conference)

National Pro Leagues
Kenosha Creepers WLE - Pacific Pro League (Oceania Conference)
WLE STALINGRAD GHOST OF THE GREY ARMY - Pacific Pro League (SEAsia Conference)
Phnom Penh WLE Chaos - North American Pro League (Canada Conference)
Phnom Penh WLE Insanity - South Atlantic Pro League (Africa Conference)
Athens WLE Odyssey - European Pro League (Eastern Europe Conference)
WLE Royal Fighting Crias - European Pro League (Eastern Europe Conference)

Regional Pro Leagues
WLE Fighting Llamas - Regional Pro Elite #1 (Western Conference)
the Elephant Riders Regional Pro Elite #1 (Eastern Conference)
WLE Cascade surly Goats Regional Pro League #2 (Eastern Conference)

Semi Pro Leagues
VOLGOGRAD WLE BLACK ARMY Semi Pro Elite #1 (Alpha Conference)
Madtown WLE Bucky Semi Pro Elite #1 (Alpha Conference)

National Minor Leagues
WLE Academy National Minor Elite #1 (Western Conference)
East Coast WLE Vipers National Minor Elite #1 (Western Conference)

Regional Minor Leagues
WLE KALININGRAD RED ARMY Regional Minor Elite #1 (Zeta Conference)
Bombers WLE Regional Minor League #2 (Zeta Conference)
Phnom Penh WLE Pandemonium Regional Minor Elite #1 (Alpha Conference)

University Leagues
Johnson County WLE Copperheads University Elite #1 (Western Conference)
WLE Rocky Mountain Cougars University League #2 (Alpha Conference)

Prep Leagues
Shep's WLE Bulldawgs Prep Competitive #1 (Eastern Conference)
Happytown WLE Happies Prep Competitive #1 (Eastern Conference)

Rookie Leagues
NONE - a season of rest

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