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Ok i am looking for a 2 people

(Game Scout) 1 of you will scout each team before we play them and tell us what works and what does not VS that team. What kind of team are they? What D they use? Anything and everything you can think of to help us win games. Watch there past games and get a report as soon as you can before each game. This will help us to exploit the weekness of teams and avoid there strengths NO EXP AS A GM/SCOUT REQUIRED!!

(After Game Scout) Ok after each game it is your job to tell Archer and myself why we won or why we lost. What worked? What did not? Is there fault in the AI? (IE did not kick a FG when we should.) whatever you feel is relevent and is a need to know. This will help us both adjust our game plans so we dont do the same thing over and over and it just keeps not working and use what work more. NO EXP AS A GM/SCOUT REQUIRED!!

EDIT: Please PM me if you are intrested
Last edited Feb 19, 2009 15:36:32

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