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Thanks for a great season league and thanks for these write ups as they made the Season exciting.
Originally posted by orangesdcd

Congratulations Universal Studios Monsters' fans, your team has won the Prep Competitive League #1 Championship. Please call 555-2368 to order your commemorative t-shirt.

Offensive Player of the Game: (HB) Creature From the Black Lagoon -owned by armadafalls: All day long, (HB) Creature From the Black Lagoon studied game tape to try and spot some crack in the impenetrable Rhode Island Red Wolves' defense. Clip after clip showed that the Red Wolves can't be scored upon. (HB) Creature From the Black Lagoon noticed only one small weakness, the Red Wolves' cornerbacks tended to wear themselves out over the course of the game. The first eleven carries of the game (HB) Creature From the Black Lagoon got bottled up by the Red Wolves' defense for minimal gains. But midway through the fourth quarter, the Red Wolves' cornerbacks were breathing heavier and running slightly slower to the ball carrier. So, on his twelfth carry of the game (HB) Creature From the Black Lagoon turned on his jets and blew past the tired Red Wolves' secondary for a 72 yard touchdown run.

Defensive Players of the Week: (DT) Tredavius Randleman -owned by -Rod- and Huckle Berry -owned by cheese sandwich: Hands down the Rhode Island Red Wolves have proved that they have the best defense in the League. They got a defensive touchdown in the conference championship game and then another defensive touchdown in the League Championship game. This forced fumble returned 68.5 yards for a touchdown was incredible:

Special Teams Player of the Week: (CB) JL M -owned by vikings72: The Universal Studios Monsters' defense have not given up an offensive touchdown in the post season. Not in the first playoff game. Not in the Conference Championship game, And, not in today's League Championship game. That puts a lot of pressure on an opposing team's defense and special team's units. The Rhode Island Red Wolves were up for the challenge and put up seventeen points; none of which were scored by their offense. A Red Wolves' defensive touchdown and field goal made the score a respectable, but still losing, 31-10 going into the two minute warning of the 4th quarter. But then (CB) JL M fielded a punt with 1:51 left in the game and delivered this spectacular 82 yard punt return touchdown:

1. Universal Studios Monsters- League Champs of the Competitive Prep League
2. Rhode Island Red Wolves- The best defense in the Competitive Prep League
3. Davy Jones' Locker Pirate Ghosts- Regular season victories over the Universal Studios Monsters and the Red Wolves
4. American Muscle- Prep Tournament Champions
5. Free the Weed - Had the ball bounced a different way in some of this season's games, this team could have ranked much higher

Great Ideal keep this going next season and beyond IMO.... Honored to be here in Prep Competitive #1 (Season 67)
hey guys, im going to leave my team.
Got 4 players looking for a good team to play next season.

They dont have Custom Equip YET, but if the team wishes i will add. All them will be boosted.

FB Receiver
AVG 10.2 - YAC 9.8yds

1 sack, 4 ints, 60 PD

DE Run Stopper
36 Hurries, 4 Sacks, 2 Force Fumbles

QB Deep Passer
QBrat. 126.7, Pct 61.2%, 152TDs

PM if interested, thanks!

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