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Could we just eliminate all the sub forums for positions and just have 3 -- OFFENSE/DEFENSE/SPECIAL TEAMS??
Edited by Backes-to-Backes on Aug 6, 2023 20:24:34
Theo Wizzago
TBPH, I'm thinking 2 things;
#1. Rarely does anyone even post in the 'player specific' sub forums (unless it's in the OC/DC/ST coach needed one)
#2. Both of those forums really need to be cleaned out after every season with all posts more than 1 season old being deleted. I mean... they seem to have a page limit of 100 but the oldest posts are from 2017. I don't think we look that far back for players anymore. Maybe reset the page # limit to 50... or 20... or 10... or 5 even. I can imagine it would clear up SOME server memory space.
RECRUITING SUB FORUMS are useless and not used. Cut the cord. lol
Edited by .spider. on Sep 22, 2023 22:08:48

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