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Hello everyone, I am Jayadamo (JAY-AH-DOM-O) and this is the first edition of Casual Pro News! My plan is to release one of these before each weeks games. That of course will depend on the interest from you all, the forum activity it creates, and of course as real life allows.

We are going to start this off with interviews I conducted with representatives from the back to back champs SCK!!! Please welcome Professionalkop and Rocdog21!

Entrance music plays

Jay: Welcome gentlemen, please tell us a bit about yourselves.

Prokop: I'm just a low IQ Canadian who grew up loving football. Played a lot of SS but also some weird variations of OLB/Def HB (we use 12 players so we can run
some wild defensive formations if we want). I'm not too big into football anymore; I'll watch my Steelers lose in the first round of every year and watch the SB but that's about it. I spend my off time golfing and day drinking with the same idiots I've known for 20+ years now. Been playing this game since like season 3 and don't plan to stop any time soon. Thanks to casual leagues and Roc, you'll all be putting up with me until this game shuts down or he quits.

Rocdog: 36 years old from Denver. I'm married with 2 kids. I enjoy good beer, good bourbon, playing video games, and golfing. I have been playing this game since 2008. I think that's season 2?

Jay: So Prokop, In what season did you purchase your team and how did you decide on the name?

Prokop: I honestly can't remember. I had SCK before this version quite some time ago. Also had an older version of Texas Tech and a Blue Mountain State team. This current SCK team has worked it's way up to Cas Pro twice and now will stick around for many seasons to come. The nickname of my city has a lot of variations of steel in it. Kops is also part of my username so I just mashed it all together and became the #1 Cas Pro team of the dead GLB era.

Jay: What about you Rocdog, In what season did you link up with Prokop and does he send you Christmas cards and gift baskets for all of your hard work?

Rocdog: I've had dots on past PK teams since maybe season 40 or so. I didn't start coordinating for him until around season 70. I think he knew I coordinated for another Casual team we were both associated with, and it just kind of happened. He gives me lots of forehead kisses...its weird, but gentle.

Jay: ProKop, Your team just went back to back clean sweeps winning Casual Pro, the League Tournament, and the Red River Shootout. That is extremely impressive. What are your thoughts on a 3peat and if you had to pick a team with the best chance of knocking you off, who would it be?

Prokop:I would love to take any credit for anything SCK has accomplished. Sadly, all I can take credit for is bringing some of my favourite users together and somehow it all just worked out. Greywolfmeb has been building dots for me for as long as I can remember. He'll build anything, anytime, no questions asked. He's a big part of our success. Just look at how well his INT dots do every time we get into the playoffs. Monty came in after a long time STco wanted out of casual. Our STs have been incredible and will be even better with our next batch of dots. Roc is the workhorse of the team. He builds, runs O and D and reminds me to do things owners have to do even though I've been doing it for years. Not sure I'd even own a team if he wasn't coordinating it. He tells me what he wants on O/D for builds and I make it happen. I may own the team and try to rile up the forums from time to time but he's the core of SCK.

With all that said, I know we can't 3peat again since SK is taking a season off from the RR tourney but I do believe we have a solid chance to win the league and tournament again. We're definitely the favourites with a big target on our backs but we didn't have any dot turnover and still have Roc putting in the work so I'm confident we can win both golds again. Honestly, any team can win any game, especially in the playoffs. Our CCG could've easily went the other way and Granite would've been in the gold game and we were tied with less than 30 seconds left in the LCG. Overtime could've went in favour of Shoreline. Any of the top teams can dethrone us on any given day but if I was betting on a team this season to win 2 golds, it would be SCK.

Jay: Roc, can I call you Roc? Seems like SCK averages 7 INTs a game, where do your defensive dots purchase their gloves?

Rocdog: Greywolf is one of the best INT builders I've seen. He for sure cheats, probably stick'em. Do we really average 7 INTs a game lol!?

Jay: What do you guys think of the level of competition here in Casual Pro?

Prokop: The West has definitely been tougher than the East these last few seasons. Last season the East was pretty weak but overall, the top 6ish teams every season are pretty solid. I think this season will be the toughest we've had in a while. The West has Phrenzy, Chiefs, Militia, Vols,Shoreline and Nassau. Any of those teams could win that conference. It'll be a bloodbath over there. The East has SCK, Granite, Ghost Creek and River city. Again the East is weaker but I think Granite and SCK could take down anyone in the West.

Rocdog: I think Cas Pro is the second best league in GLB (competitive wise). There are a lot of great agents, and builders. It's not as easy as people think, and WL owners/coords who try know this.

Jay: Prokop, which new team to the league do you think could make the most noise??

Prokop: Have to go with the heavy favorite, Phrenzy. Ryan dominates WL and now he is here to take on Cas Pro. Depending on how the build are, They're going to be a top team this season. IDK many of their dot builders but the ones I do know are excellent.

Jay: Mr. Dog21, what is your pre-season prediction for the championship game and the winner?

Rocdog: West is going to be a blood bath..but my prediction is SCK vs Chiefs for gold, and SCK wins their 7th Championship. I'll probably retire after we win 10, so the sooner it happens the better for you guys

Jay: Do you have any closing comments?

Prokop: DD, give us our Round Robin Tourney trophies already. OUSux

Rocdog:Seriously, Casual is probably the best community I've been around in this game. The agents are standup guys, everyone is willing to help everyone, even while we compete. I haven't had this much fun on this game in years. I also think I'm better than Avenger ever was at casual. Too bad he's gone, I'd love to beat his team.

Jay: Thank you gentlemen for your time and I look forward to multiple 50+ point bashings this season.

Guests depart to their exit music

In our next segment I will be releasing my predictions for the season


I will start this off by saying I think every team in the west could win the west but unfortunately 2 really good teams will miss out on the playoffs.

1. Charlestown Chiefs
The Chiefs consistently are the top team in the West so I won't bet against them finishing with the 1 seed.

2. Philadelphia Phrenzy
The newcomers to the west really make this season a lot harder for the rest of the conference. The last 2 seasons it was 5 teams competing for 4 playoff spots and now it will be all 6. The Phrenzy were dominant on the way to their league title with only 1 regular season loss to Dexter's, an all rushing team that somehow stuns great teams here and there.

3. Shoreline Big Gulp Kickers
They struggled early last season but turned it around and made the League championship from the 4 seed and almost won the whole thing.

4. Metal Militia
This was a tough one because this team could easily win the conference. I have them over the Vols because the Vols have never beaten them.

5. Hattgenstein Volunteers
The Vols have become known for hot starts to the season and then fade late. Head to head records against Shoreline and Metal are why the Vols are projected 5th. Somehow they have more wins against Charlestown than they do against Shoreline and Metal combined.

6. Nassau Nightmare
Someone has to finish last and this is by no means a sure bet. Nassau is only here based on the Vols success against them head to head the past few seasons.


1. Steel City Kops
All they do is win. No explanation needed.

2. Granite Peak Grizzlies
This team just gets better and better every season.

3. Ghost Creek Cowboys
Based on their head to head last season with River City which was only a 3 point win.

4. Chaos on the farm
Just a gut feeling but I think Chaos finishes 4th.

5. River City Ransom
Could finish 3rd, basing this on their close head to head with Ghost Creek. Whichever team between the Ransom and Cowboys that doesn't finish 3rd will miss the playoffs.

6. CPU
Where is Dexter's when you need them?

Playoff Round 1 Predictions

1. Chiefs vs 4. Militia
Militia are capable of winning but the Chiefs aren't losing round 1 again

2. Phrenzy vs 3. Shoreline
Shorelines offense is too much for the Phrenzy and put an end to an excellent season.

1. SCK vs 4. Chaos
The will lose a playoff game one day but this one won't be it.

2. Grizzlies vs 3. Cowboys
In an excellent game the Grizzlies pull away to reach another conference championship game.

Round 2: Conference Championships

1. Chiefs vs 3. Shoreline
Payback from last season and the Chiefs are back in the title game, a place they are extremely familiar with.

1.SCK vs 2. Grizzlies
Down go the champs! After constant improvement and close calls against SCK Granite Peak finally gets over the hump. This win will come after SCK goes 2-0 against them in the regular season and one of those wins will be by 24+.

League Championship

1W. Charlestown Chiefs vs 2E. Granite Peak Grizzlies
Congrats Grizzlies, you just beat two of the greatest Casual Pro teams in history back to back to take home the gold!!!!!!

Thank you all for tuning in to this first edition of Casual Pro News.

Join me next week where my guest will be mcmunson57, owner of FUShoreline and Chaos on the Farm. I will also release my week 1 predictions.

Good night all and remember to always give 100% unless you are donating blood!

Credits roll
Edited by Jayadamo on Aug 17, 2022 12:25:01

Kidding man! Great write up! For sure have to keep these going

Edit: Yes you can call me Roc..I'd prefer it tbh
Edited by Rocdog21 on Aug 17, 2022 13:24:32
Shut up Jay
Great job. Very entertaining read. Thanks for doing it!
Awesome read Jay!

I can definitely see your predictions coming true. We either blow granite out of the water or itís a last second FG/TD we pull out of our ass. One of these days theyíll pull off a big upset and I donít doubt itíll be in the conference championship game.
Unreal buddy. Nothing like this in years.

That being said I home you're wrong and we make the playoffs at least
Kurt Davey

Really enjoyed the read!

Loved the predictions too! You're probably the only person to predict that outcome.

Can we get that trophy now?
Originally posted by FuzzyP
Shut up Jay

I love you
sunder B
Dude, this is awesome stuff. Thank you so much for putting this together. My interest has been adding with real life kicking me in the balls, but this was sp refreshing and will definitely encourage me to be a little more active this season
Awesome read,thank you so much for doing all this stuff... can't wait to read the next one!
Originally posted by sunder B
Dude, this is awesome stuff. Thank you so much for putting this together. My interest has been adding with real life kicking me in the balls, but this was sp refreshing and will definitely encourage me to be a little more active this season

I hope things calm down for you soon!

We need to shift conversation to the forehead kisses rocdog is getting.

"Jayadamo slowly turns and starts eyeballing Sugar Kapaa's forehead"
Your kids already college bound? Where'd you find the time to put this together? If you spent half as that time fixing your dots, then Haggestein would be ranked #1
Originally posted by stromstarhammer
Your kids already college bound? Where'd you find the time to put this together? If you spent half as that time fixing your dots, then Haggestein would be ranked #1

Sabataged didn't teach me to build dots as well as he did Prokop so I have to do other things.
Sugar Kapaa
Wait, why do we have a team full of CPU in CasPro!?!?

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