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It might look like a long read, but some of you will find it worthwhile...

On a nice fall day, a fly was just living its best life, flying up and down a gently rolling river. All of the sudden, a trout who had been looking for some food, took notice of the happy little fly.

"If that fly just drops a few inches, I could have a decent lunch", the trout said to himself.

Meanwhile, a bear was looking for food and took notice of the trout looking at the fly....

"If that fly drops just a few inches, the trout will jump out of that water and grab the fly. Then I could swoop out and catch that fish", the bear said.

A hunter was eating his sandwich and took notice of the bear and was watching all this play out.

"If that fly drops a few inches, the fish gets the fly, the bear will jump out to grab the trout, and I'll shoot that bear", the hunter says.

Oddly enough, there was a cat sitting in a tree above the hunter. The cat also took notice of what was happening.

"If that fly drops, the trout eats the fly, bear grabs the trout, and the hunter moves to shoot that bear, I could jump down and steal that sandwich from the hunter", thinks the cat.

So then it happened--the fly dropped down and the trout snagged it, but right as it did, the bear grabbed the trout. At the same time, the hunter lined up and shot that bear. Unfortunately, as the cat went to jump down, it fell into the river.

So, what is the moral of the story here?

When the fly drops, the pussy gets wet.

Let this be a lesson to everyone.

King of Bling

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