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Cannabis is an annual plant, the representatives of which relatively recently began to be combined into one family, Cannabaceae. All of them belong to the same polymorphic species Cannabis sativa L. This is the name of a plant that is in demand in the textile industry for its bast fiber stems. What types of cannabis are there?

They differ in the quantitative and qualitative content of cannabinoids, of which there are more than 200 in nature. And about 80 of them are found only in this plant. Just how many varieties of cannabis exist at the moment, is unknown. All due to the presence of certain cannabinoids, namely bioactive substances with psychoactive properties.

This is interesting: Underground breeders annually create new varieties of hemp - the basis for the production of drugs, but the cultivation of such hybrids is punishable by law.

Thus, the answer to the question of how many types of cannabis there are is simple - one. Previously, it was divided into three varieties, but now the term "weedy" is not used in the botanical classification. There are many varieties of hemp bushes, but there are dozens of times more hybrids.

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