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The PS5 is the next gaming console. is expected to be the best gaming console ever. It will have some super features that can revolutionize the gaming industry. Many sources hint that its VR capabilities will be way better than the PS4 Pro. It will have a 4K display, 8K TV support, etc. It will be released in 2020. The PS5 can not only play games but also be used as a VR device. It also has a fingerprint scanner and a facial recognition system. So it can be used as a private safe. You can put your private belongings into the PS5, but you can only open it. If someone steals it, the PS5 will know it's you and will not open. The PS5 also has a built-in hifi sound system and a surround sound system. You can use it to play music and watch movies. You can even play PS4 games on your PS5 gadget.

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