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Ok guys.. it has been quiet long enough... You have let us win a shitload games in a row and only the Louisville Cardinals have been Man enough to take us down through this long, long, LONG winning streak. There are some well built teams in this mix but is anyone gonna step up and take care of business besides the Mayan or Louisville squads.

Somebody needs to end our winning streak this year. It isn't like we are doing anything special or ground breaking here. As basic as it comes in GLB. this is definitely our last kick at the can and here until WORLD LEAGUE or bust so COME GET SOME.

Edited by SmithsterSmitty on May 29, 2020 20:01:32
Not gonna happen. They are terrified of the Carnales.
We haven't lost a regular season game since rookie? What the hell guys? Grow some balls and take us down already. Carnales for life!
Not one post... so sad

I would like to thank all the teams we have defeated over the past four years for our historic run. I believe our best ever win streak before this was only 42 games so winning four full seasons worth of games in a row (64) is pretty damn cool.

We don't have a ton of flex left and this is definitely the final run up the ladder as any sort of real team and it is one hell of a way to ride off into the sunset.

No matter what else happens after this, the Carnales will always have this final moment of greatness. It all started so many years ago battle Montevideo, Santiago and Cobra Kai and it's pretty cool to end it like this... We have a few more seasons left for sure before the funds tap out so to all you good teams in this league

* The Bumble Wasps
* Louisville Sparrows
* Cold as Ice Dragons
* Smoke some More Weed
* Angel Dogs
* Yukon Poodles
* Taking in more Crossfire

Somebody MAN UP and take us down already. Enough's enough. We are not good enough to be 72-3-1 through the first five seasons.

Good job Wasps I knew you guys would be elevating up soon. Congrats and looking forward to the final.

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