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Forum > Regional Pro Leagues > Any Regional "Pro" Teams/Dots With The Balls To Join Retirement League?
I mean, sure, y'all are pretty good at this "hiding in the shadows stat whoring" thing...but it's kinda old hat at this point, no?

Bait thread.

As most of you have no doubt heard by now, Retirement League is a thing, and gaining momentum by the season! RPL#3 Western Conference ( just finished up the regular season, where we had 3 retirement teams (Elysium Immortals, Abyss Lords, & The Home) in various stages of filling out their rosters in hopes of ultimately establishing a true "retirement" (800d+ full decline) division/league. Congrats to "The Home", who made the playoffs at 10-6 this season!

Bring out yer "dead" (480+d) dots and join in the fun, or purchase a team and bring them to RPL#3 Western Conference next season and start building your own retirement team! Got a whole team that's hit decline? Don't retire them, bring them on over and instantly join in the fun! Couldn't you use a new challenge, like game planning against other partial/full decline dots, with the end goal of all full decline dots on a level playing field for eternity?

And oh the stats your dots will whore! Watch as your dots continue their climb up the lolHoF standings season after season! Can you make it to #1?

Elysium Immortals ( is in search of the following for S80:

* QB
* G
* OT
* CB x 5
* DE
* SS

PM me with interest.

Abyss Lords ( is also looking to fill out their roster, and has openings at most positions. Contact Livestrong ( with interest.

The Home is also looking to fill out their roster, and has openings at most positions.. Contact dergillz ( with interest.

Sorry for the interruption, and back to your regularly scheduled dead forum. Have fun!

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