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does anyone see a large difference on D-Line when going from 60 to 70 vision?

also, anyone notice a difference for safeties or LBs going from low 70s to low 80s?
Theo Wizzago
IMO, D-line's need for vision isn't all that much. 60 to 70 likely won't show much difference except, maybe, in passes batted down at the line from those style D-line builds. As for Safeties, I would say hell yes and then some. I haven't built a safety with less than high 80's vision and prefer 90's to 100. Less than that and you'll see a lot of missed plays in the passing game.
DL is fine with 55-60, if you're using 15-10 JTS with it. If you want to skip JTS for other VAs, then you're talking investing up to 75 to get the same results in minimizing snap delay. 2 ticks seems to be the hard coded minimum, if your post-JTS vision is 75+, then you'll see them hit minimum the vast majority of the time.

I haven't noticed much ill effects from chopping vision super low and going with full JTS, but there is an opportunity cost there, with so many good DL VAs. Most of my recent builds look more like 63 Vis / 8 JTS, to hit 78 Vis for the delay vision roll.

What Theo said re: cov LB + safeties. I don't build them below natural 90 these days, and with VAs + zone bonuses on safeties, they're well up over 100. Probably overkill, but I do detest allowing easy scores to fake builds.

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