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Theo Wizzago
Long time ago I noticed there seemed to be as many INT's off of deflections as INT's that were straight up... and even the straight up INT's seemed to be more about the defender being in the right place at the right time (like between the QB and the receiver on a somewhat short pass... or being past the receiver on an overthrown ball...). So I started including Deflect Ball in my INT builds. I did get a couple of INT's off of that approach but I noticed that I would get the deflection and someone else would get the INT. For me, that made Deflect ball even more important then Make INT % did but then I never was all about personal stats... just team wins.

IMO, over the course of a (defender) dot's career you'll get more 'deflection' chances than INT chances which makes deflecting the more useful of the two... again, IMO.
TJ Spikes
Originally posted by .spider.
This is what i remember too, but seems to go both ways
So does it try the Int/Swat at the same time, or did he say Int first and then swat second on purpose, because second statement i bolded makes it seem like it does both rolls at the same time.

not worded well, but based on the first clause ( If I win, I get to intercept or swat the ball. )

i would assume the he meant if the INT roll succeeds, then you don't worry about the DEF roll. Then if the INT roll fails, then the DEF roll could succeed, or that could fail too

I always assumed that the DEF roll was always considered the backup, Plan B roll, and with your tactics you can take a hit on the INT roll, to get a bonus on the DEF roll with Semi, or go full aggressive and take whatever you get


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