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Originally posted by Harry Patronus Potter


I see you have also been attacked by the trolls who ruined GLB. Literally no one plays this game any more because of the people who are attacking you in this thread. Its a shame as it used to be a great game. If you ever need any help with anything, just contact any coach of the Felicus Generals team. We are way better than any of those trolls and last season we rubbed all their useless faces in it. They are complete haters- don't pay them any attention. Don't even bother with the forum because the losers will attack you for anything. Just know that they don't have a clue what they are talking about and that they all got their asses handed to them by our team last season- so if you ever need any help, just send one of us a PM instead! Good luck, mam!

HAAHAHAHAHAHAAH!!!! Darncat's Triplet!!!! Your dots are awful just like your team!!! The only time you played a decent team you got your ass handed to you'....

Watch out for Darncat aka Harry Patronus Potter, he is an unstable fucking nutcase.

Link to the tread of threats that got 2 of 3 Darncat multi accounts permanently banned from GLB...

Quit bragging about winning RegPro 3 Darncat, it's pathetic.

Originally posted by Thom Yorke
Fuck you too

You should have sent me a GM offer, ya fuck. You'd probably be in WL right now
Edited by Rocdog21 on Oct 15, 2019 13:20:53
Thom Yorke

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