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<fair warning I don't know jack about how to write code, I just somehow made this work)

This script is for DC's in GLB. It's annoying that the drop down menu has so many options and the order of the entries changes based on the position you are tagging. This script makes it easier by specifying which tags to "keep" in the drop down menu. Right now it is set to keep passer, rusher, receiver, and blocker and removes everything else. If you want different tags to show up, edit the "keep" line in the script. Please note tags must be spelled exactly like they are in the site code, and are listed below.

Valid keeps are: none, speedy, combo, power, rusher, passer, receiver, custom1, custom2, custom3, custom4. Keeps must be spelled exactly like this to work.

Edited by SeattleNiner on Nov 23, 2018 12:22:22

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