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TJ Spikes
Once you fully understand the power of ALGs, then you can move on to the next step.

Putting together a plan to build a good dot. You have to take 3 major things into account.

#1 - The attributes you want to end up with
Leveling is "hard capped" at Level 79. There is no way around it. After you hit L79, you don't get any more Skill points and you build is done whether you are ready for it or not.

#2 - Your training plan to get you to those attributes
There are limitless combinations of training options. You have to figure out how you can get the most out of your training, while still earning enough Bonus Tokens (BTs) to satisfy your equipment needs.

#3 - Your equipment needs
The primary value of Advanced Equipment (AEQ for short) is that it's worth 13 Attribute Points per slot. Regular equipment is only worth 10 attribute points per slot. The other bonus to AEQ is that you get to choose what bonus abilities you want tied to it. AEQ cost bonus tokens. Training gets you bonus tokens (BTs). The trick is... the better your training is, the fewer tokens you get.


Step 1 cannot be covered here. There are too many positions and archetypes. That's why we have individual threads to discuss the positions in. However, one tool that I highly recommend it the Virtual Player Builder (VPB for short). Here's a user guide for that

I use Firefox specifically for GLB. I use Chrome for everything else. I don't really like Firefox, but there's no way I'd do GLB without it.

The VPB will allow you to use your GLB Player's Skill Point page to practice building dots. Once you get the hang of using it, it'll be real hard to start a new dot without doing some kind of trial run with it.



The object of Training is to improve Attribute Points without spending Skill Points. Every time you train an attribute it will progress by a certain percentage. When that progression adds up to 100% or more it will give you 1 Attribute Point.

That is the beauty of training, no matter how high the attribute is it will always go up a full Attribute Point.

So late in a career, when you have multiple attributes in the 80's and 90's, instead of spending huge amounts of Skill Points to improve them, you can do training to improve them instead.

Training comes in different flavors. Light (worth 6 BTs), Normal (worth 4 BTs), Intense (worth 2 BTs) and Multi Train which is worth a variable amount of BTs (4, 8, or 12).

The value of training decreases as the attribute increases. For example if you do Light Training on an attribute at 6, the attribute will progress by 40%. If you Light train an attribute that's at 33, it'll progress 15%. If you Light train an attribute at 90, it will only progress 3%.

Similarly, if you do Normal Training on an attribute at 6 it'll improve by 84% - which is huge. Then if you do Intense Training when the attribute is at 6, it would improve by 119%. That means you would get a free Attribute point, bringing it up to 7, just by training on intense.

Multi Training will get you the highest gains from training -- by a large margin -- but you can't do it every day. You can train 2 attributes at the same time, but you can only do that every other day--and get 4 BTs. You can do three attributes but you can only do that once every 3 days--and get 8 BTs. Or you can train 4 attributes at once, but you can on do that once every 4 days--and get 12 BTs.

If you do the math for BTs: 4 BTs every other day works out to an average of 2 BTs per day -- exactly the same as doing intense training. 8 BTs every 3 days works out to more than 2 BTs per day. 12 BTs every 4 days works out to 3 BTs per day.

So... If multi training is so great, why not just do that all the time?

That's where AEQ comes in.



Advanced EQuipment (AEQ) costs a huge amount of BTs. You will want to buy at least 3 maybe even 4 pieces of AEQ, one piece at a time.

Ideally, you'll want that AEQ to gives you a +3 to an attribute. To build one that will do that costs 50 BTs. Then you will want to tack on an additional ability, and those cost ether 18, 38, or 75 to add on. If you want a piece of the most expensive EQ, it's going to cost 125 BTs just to build it. Then over the course of your player's career, (every 8 levels) you will want to upgrade that piece. To do that it costs 30 BTs every time. You get 10 upgrades by the time you hit L72, so that's 300 BTs for the upgrades. So one fully upgraded piece of maxed out AEQ costs 425 BTs. So if you wanted 4 of those, that would be 1700 BTs. You may want to mix in a few pieces of cheaper AEQ, or try your luck trying to roll some in the AEQ store. A very general rule of thumb is you will need more than 1200 BTs if you're only doing 3 pieces, and then if you want 4 pieces, you'll need more than 1600 BTs. AND that includes some luck with the AEQ store.

You can't get that many BTs, by doing multi training alone. You have to mix in a good dose of light training, to get anywhere close. Then you can fine tune attributes using Normal and Intense training as needed as you grow.

The beauty of Equipment is that you can add Attribute Points to any attribute you choose. Most people choose to stack all of their AEQ on 1 attribute. It can give a boost of up to +52 to one attribute, but it can also be used to give up to 4 attributes a +13 bonus. You have to decide how to use your equipment to best suit your build plan. You can use stack it to boost a lower attribute up to playable levels. You could use it to boost an already high attribute into the stratosphere.

Lastly, the same theory applies to Custom EQuipment (CEQ). The big difference is the CEQ costs flex, which costs real money. You don't want to mess up AEQ, but you really don't want to mess up CEQ. Make sure that you get what buy exactly what you want. If you don't know what you want, wait until you do to buy it.

When you add in the +6 that CEQ gives to the +52 that AEQ gives, that's where the +58 comes from. CEQ also adds bonuses you one of your Special Ability trees, and also adds more bonuses later on. To do all that costs 1100 flex though, so again, you don't want to mess it up.


That's a pretty heavy dose of info, and it's almost impossible to sort out without using the VPB.

Some general tips are:

#1 Choose an Archetype that has the best ALGs for what you want to do with your player. If you want your player to cruise at the speed of light, you will want to get Speed as a major ALG. Don't worry about the name of the Archetype.

#2 As a general rule, early in a build, you will only want to 4, 5 or maybe 6 cap an attribute before going on to the next one. Don't go super high, because all your other attributes will suffer. You'll probably want to set up multi-training for your first 3 attributes.

#3 You want to aim for getting an attribute trained up to approximately 30 before you invest Skill Points in it--that's anywhere from 28-33 (that way it'll cost 15 to 20 SPs to hit your 1st soft cap).

#4 In the first year of a build you will be gaining levels almost every other day. You don't have time to multi-train 4 attributes. You could gain 2 levels worth of ALGs before you train again. Stick to Intense, and maybe 2 attribute multi training. Slip in a Normal or Light if you need to.

#5 When possible train an attribute to a high percentage before "capping" it. When you dump Skill Points into it, it's cost goes up and it's training value goes down. In a perfect world, you'd be able to hit 90% training or higher, cap an attribute, and then train it again to make it roll over 100%. That way that last few percent of training will increase the attribute and save you a few skill points.

#6 If you have a specific concept in mind for your player, ask someone in here if they think it'll work. For better or worse, GLB seldom matches up with real life football. For example, if you want to make a Deion Sanders style CB, you're probably going to be disappointed. Shut down CBs are required, and return man CBs can be very good, but it's currently impossible to build a player be good at both defense and punt returns--and playing offense is out of the question.


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