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Forum > National Minor Leagues > Season 54 - Tournament updates!
First round byes
Dirty South Wrecking Crew
Brazilian Farmers
Holland Pinoy All Stars
Houston Gamblers

First Round matches
Vienna Ritterbrüder vs Jericho Walls
Gridiron Dynasty vs Kansas City Crossfire
Black Hand vs Corpus Christi Illegal Aliens
Great JPEGs vs Sheps Bulldawgs
First round results
Vienna Ritterbrüder beats Jericho Walls, 33 - 17
Vienna has been on fire after their first week loss and have now won 4 straight wins counting this tourney match!

Gridiron Dynasty blasts Kansas City Crossfire, 45 - 17
In a match up between two NM league #2 teams, Gridiron was able ground and pound Crossfire's defense to get to the next round.

Black Hand gets tripped by Corpus Christi Illegal Aliens, 14 - 28
Somehow seeing Black Hand in the tourney tells me that their coordinators and GMs are not in deep slumber but the end result is still an L in their win-loss record this season.

Great JPEGs crushes Sheps Bulldawgs, 51 - 17
JPEGs dominated this cross league match against the Bulldawgs.

Second round matches
Dirty South Wrecking Crew vs Vienna Ritterbrüder
This is going to be an exciting match up since I'm familiar with both teams (especially DSWC). Can the DB_Coach's Crew stop the power rushing offense of Vienna? Vienna is a bit favored in this match since DSWC lost in their last game against the Gamblers who used a power rushing offense to keep DSWC's offense off the field.

Prediction: Vienna Ritterbrüder beats Dirty South Wrecking Crew; 33 - 21

Brazilian Farmers vs Gridiron Dynasty
Can Gridiron handle the top notch offense/defense of the Farmers to pull of an upset? Despite that loss in their league game, the Farmers team are still an elite team in National Minors though Gridiron is not that far behind them. The key here is if Gridiron's offense dominate the Farmer's defense then they have a chance to get a win, if not its going to be a long day for them.

Prediction: Brazilian Farmers dominates Gridiron Dynasty; 29 - 3

Holland Pinoy All Stars vs Corpus Christi Illegal Aliens
We will see a preview of this tournament match this week when both teams square off! Just like what I said in my write up, if Holland's defense can stop CCIA's run offense then they win this one, if not then their passing must move up another gear. CCIA's offense is predicated by the success of their running game. If they dominate the line of scrimmage then its going to be easy pickings for them.

Prediction: Holland Pinoy All Stars wins a close over Corpus Christi Illegal Aliens; 33 - 29

Houston Gamblers vs Great JPEGs
In another cross league match, JPEGs going up against steamrolling Gamblers. In their league play, Gamblers has been totally dominating as shown by their 23 consecutive league wins (and still counting) while JPEGs themselves are not pushovers despite sporting a 3-1 record in their league. The Gamblers right now are sizzling hot and will continue to sizzle in this tournament game.

Prediction: Houston Gamblers steam rolls Great JPEGs; 38 - 9

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