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Are Defensive Ends Really Worth Making? manny a GLB user are aware of the constant nerfing of the Defensive Endsposition in our fun game of GLB. There have been manny differentarguements about Defensive Ends, some of them being, Defensive Endsbecoming 100 Flex points for creation and boosting or taking awaycruise control for Defensive Ends to become succesful but Bort and Cohave yet to make any changes to help the Defensive End position. Borthas made a new addition to the game giving Defensive Line-men theability to stun the Offensive Line which is a very good idea, but willit be enough. The question remains GoalLineBlitz keep Defensive Endsworking the way they are or give them a new way to succeed in games.

One of the main arguments going around is that with Cruise Control,Defensive Ends do not get the stats they deserve in blowout wins.Basically Cruise Control is implemented by the game to slow down theOffense and Defense of a team when they have a very large lead againsta team. In the larger blowout games (255-0) The defense sometimes doesnot even get on the field before Cruise Control kicks in and DefensiveEnds do not even get a sack. One GLB User (who wishes to remainanonymous) says "I am tired of seeing my Defensive End have no sacks ina game where the Offense has over 1000 yards and some defensive playershave 7+ Forced Fumbles." Most Defensive End owners are sick and tiredof this and want to see a change. On the same point of Cruise Control,Defensive Ends of every level even have trouble going up against Lvl 1Offensive Tackles.

Another argument the Defensive Endcommunity has had is making Defensive Ends become 100 Flex Points forcreation and boosting. This is because of the low stats most DefensiveEnds are seeing. Now this personal argument does not sit well with thisreporter because A) The current owners of Defensive Ends do not benefitof this as much as new owners and B) This does not help Defensive Endsand is just a temporary cover up. Just making a player cheaper does nothelp the current situation. The other reasons Defensive Ends cantbecome cheaper is because certain Defensive Ends excel while others fail regardless of level.

Bort'snewest addition to the game has helped Defensive Line-men a little bit.By allowing the defensive Line-men to stun the Offensive Line it givesthe Dline more access to sacks and gives the Defensive Ends of GLB asmall glimpse of a brighter future. Regardless of if Bort makesdefensive ends better or not (hopefully does) the game is looking greatfor the future and i hope to see what he has in store for us thisoff-season.

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