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bluest blues
Three of the scripts I use stopped working for me here was just wondering if anyone can give me any insight as to why.

1-add depth chart assignment to roster page. Also show depth chart when you go to a players profile page.

2- I have the script for ALG's to 79 but it only shows up when I go to a players profile page. It use to show up on the players skill points page also which it doesn't anymore so now when I go into the VPB the alg's to 79 doesn't show on it.

3.Mark forum as read. Goes thru it like it is working but doesn't mark the threads as read anymore like it use to do.

Any help would be appreciated or just tell me I am SOL with these three scripts now.
Little M
The GLB Power Rankings Season 17 fix (Updated Output Design) - pabst_fix script isn't working for me anymore. It has the updated glb address in it, so Firefox or GLB must have changed something else to break it.

I'd also like the script for ALGs to 79 mentioned above, but it has been asked for on numerous occasions now without any success, so I have given up on getting it.

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