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Forum > Position Talk > FB Club > Did the FB just trip?
Theo Wizzago
No. At level 19 your dot probably hasn't gotten much SP's spent on agility yet (or it should not have, if you're doing it correctly). Don't worry about trying to fix that either. Just stick to your build plan. But, to explain the play, your dot probably passed a vision check which allowed him to notice he was being closed on by the CB (that eventually tackled him)... and tried to change his direction from running straight ahead to taking an angle towards the sideline to get as much distance as he could. That "change of direction" slowed him for a brief moment... causing the effect you saw. I'd actually be pretty happy with that run. No doubt the CB had more speed and would have caught him much sooner had he not changed direction, so he got the most out of that run.

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