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Eagles Fly
do i multi train skills or how should i train and what, and till when. help plz or link to website

Receive TE-
Elusive RB-
Run Def DT-
Run Block OG-
Edited by Eagles Fly on Dec 15, 2011 02:53:38
Skanker irl
Yes, multi train on all of them.
There are good build guides around, so just hunt around or look at some position specific forums.

Generally speaking, you are going to train speed for the TE and RB and build them up cap by cap (holding on to SPs until you can reach the next cap) for a very long time. Once you've gotten speed past the 61 cap you're probably going to have enough BTs to unlock 3 more attributes in multi train (leave speed unlocked and include it as your first multi category). Buy 1 enhancement for the other 3 and more than fhat for speed as you are able.

For the DT and OG it's basically the same thing, substituting strength for speed.

There are some different theories about how much to enhance, etc. So you'll have to sort some of that out and get advice from your owner and HC or other agents. But the above is the basic idea.

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