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Belgian Beer Mascottes Pre-Season Update

Pre-season games for the new franchise 'Belgian Beer Mascottes' are over! With an awesome 4 on 4, against two equal teams and two CPU teams, it looks like we're going to have an good season.

Team Owner McRubbish said to the press that he's allready happy if the team makes it to the Play Offs, and if we get there, anything could happen!

Owner McRubbish also said that he's trying to talk English as good as he can, because his motherlanguage is Flemmish (99% like Dutch), and he hopes that he can find some OT's and some Centers, because that are the only positions on the roster that aren't covered! Why? He don't know, but he guesses that some conservative people are blocking players that want to sign with the team, Beer doesn't belong in a teamname they said!

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Belgian Beer Mascottes We are not the best, but we smell funny!

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