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Forum > Pee Wee Leagues > Pee Wee Silver League #8 > Season 25 Inaugural Commission World Cup
Announcing the 1st ever Commission GLB Cup sponsored by, you guessed it, The Commission.

For our inaugural season, we will only be having a pee wee bracket, but will be full force next season. This tournament will use a World Cup format with 8 groups of 4 teams for a total of 32. Each group will play round robin games with the top 2 teams from every group advancing to the single elimination playoff. Every team is guaranteed at least 3 games so no unlucky 1st round draws and one and done.

Tournament Directors
Monster Mode
Spread-em offense

PM one of the tournament directors or simply post your team link in this thread. If more than 32 teams sign up, then the tournament directors will pick the 32 most competitive teams based on a combination of our all knowing opinions and effective levels.

Each group will consist of 4 teams. Every team in the group plays each other once. The top 2 teams will advance to the 16 team single elimination playoff, just like the World Cup. Team placement will be based on effective levels. Each team will be ranked 1-32 based on effective levels, then placed in a bracket accordingly.
For example, teams 1-8 will all be in separate brackets A-H, teams 9-16 will be placed in separate brackets A-H, etc. We will do our best to place teams in the same bracket based on what day their league games are on.

Tie Breakers
In the event 2 teams end with the same record in their group, then the following tie breakers will go into effect:
1. head to head
2. point differential
3. total points scored
4. coin toss

16 Team Playoff Seeding
Group winners will play group runners up as follows:

Schedule of Events
Application deadline: Day -3 Season 25
Announcement of groups: Day -2 Season 25
Group Play: Day 1-10 Season 25
Round of 16: Day 11-16 Season 25
Round of 8: Day 17-21 Season 25
Round of 4: Day 22-26 Season 25
Championship/3rd Place: Day 27-32 Season 25

Scheduling Games
It is up to the higher ranked team to schedule the game. A PM will be sent to both teams involved at the time the matchup becomes official. Either team can send the challenge, however the top ranked team will receive a forfeit if no game is scheduled during the allotted time. Group play games can all be scheduled at once, but we will provide a suggested schedule for dates of these games. The following options will be the only ones checked when sending a challenge:
[x] This friendly is ranked and should be taken seriously
[x] Use playoff-style overtime rules

The following trophies will be awarded
1st Place -
2nd Place -
3rd Place -
The winner of each trophy will also have their team name placed in the .gif to live on with that trophy forever.
I would like to join this Tournament. here is my team's link:
Originally posted by The Shugotenshi
I would like to join this Tournament. here is my team's link:

got it!

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