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Forum > Goal Line Blitz > Position Talk > End of season build review for a few dots
Basically, who should I retire because they look turrible (Hopefully no one) and who looks good. Would also appreciate some tips on where to go next, capping main more or when to start on the secondary.

All players were built on Day 40 except the QB, who was built on Day 42 (Free Player). They've all been multi-traing their top 4 attributes for as long as their BTs could buy it. Also, they all have their primary 3x for training.

Also, tips on when to use BTs.

Dr. Zeus - HB- 0 SPs - 116 BTs

Dr. Hades - FB - 13 SPs - 113 BTs

James Stone - G - 0 SPs - 112 BTs

Can I Kick It? - K - 9 SPs - 112 BTs

Steam Rolling On - OT - 12 SPs - 112 BTs

Phat Guy - C - 0 SPs - 112 BTs

Vol Hawk - CB - 3 SPs - 112 BTs (This is the one I think is rotten. Tried to make him a INT specialist)

Casey Clausen - QB - 9 SPs - 114 BTs

Thanks a lot guys

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