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This is a list of issues that you should contact Support for rather than submitting a Bug Ticket. If you see your issue in here, please contact Support.

-- trophies on team profile page incorrect (this includes not having received a trophy you felt you were eligible for)
--ANY flex or rewards points issues
--ANY team financial issues including issues regarding ticket pricing, team promos and stadiums
--ANY player or team placement issues
--ANY issue regarding a player's placement in MVP voting and whether or not they received an endorsement
--ANY roster errors including too many players on a roster or players on team that should not be or players not on team that should be
--ANY equipment errors that you think happened specifically to you. If you think it's a system wide error, then a bugs thread needs to be created.
--Team and private forum issues.
--Late sims. Bugs moderators can not resolve this. Issue has much better chance of getting resolved quickly via support.
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