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Quirks of GLB, Common Complaints & Commonly False Bugs

● Core Complaints That Are Not Bugs ●

My Team is Ignoring my Gameplan/AI

There is likely a bug with the sim server ignoring your game plan. 99 out of 100 of these bugs that are reviewed show that a wrong call inside your AI causes the fault. One thing being examined is the pass/run % random base. Before posting a Bug on this topic please review your AI for possible errors or missing inputs/outputs, make sure you are not using auto-adjust, and then run a test of the AI and include the results from your test in your Bugs post.

From there, you will need to grant a Bugs Mod access for a quick test. If they can not discover a user error, the thread will be filed as a likely bug or added to the list of examples if there is currently a filed issue for phantom AI calls.

Depth Chart Limitations

There is a limit to the number of players you can put on the depth chart. When this error occurs, it is usually upon purchase of a new team or when a new GM/Coordinator tries to make changes to the depth chart. Also, if you attempt to put every player on your team on every special teams spot the submission will fail. Please click auto-reorder and update it. From there you will be able to customize it as you see fit. Use common sense when creating your depth charts.

MVP Formula

Issues posted regarding the formulas used to calculate MVP's are invariably suggestions rather than Bugs. These formulas are somewhat fluid if Bort feels they need a tweak. It is rare that they do, but Season 17/18's "Punter-gate" is a prime example of this and it began with a suggestion. The formulas are working as intended unless Bort says they need a tweak based off a suggestion.

Player Not Receiving XP?

Yes, players stop receiving it. No XP after a certain age and none in the offseason. Players receive nightly/training during the playoffs but no game XP whatsoever.

Players stop receiving XP after day 280 as they begin to enter extended plateau followed by decline. Players will also stop receiving XP if they hit the rolling level cap -

Firefox Issues

There have been numerous problems lately reported as bugs that have nothing to do with GLB. These issues are with Mozilla Firefox updating addons, like Greasemonkey.

GLB cannot do anything about those issues.

Originally posted by pabst
Upgrading greasemonkey beyond version 0.92 is causing problems with most of my replay scripts. Firefox will cause the breakage by updating greasemonkey without bothering to tell you. You can turn off auto updating in the options, but it doesn't always listen.

According to pabst, the best way to fix this is to:

► disable automatic updating of addons
► restart firefox
► reinstall an older greasemonkey version

● Frequently Posted Bugs ●

1: Trying to log on with Firefox and getting told "Your session has timed out due to inactivity. Please log in again". You need to clear cache/cookies and then you should be just fine.

2: Posts/forums will show they have new replies but they don't. Probably has to do with posts being stickied and/or locked, but sometimes just happens randomly. This is currently a Filed Bug.

3: Players run out of bounds/away from the play for no apparent reason. It used to happen mostly with TEs and FBs, but now defenses are doing it more. We have filed a few instances of this, but we are willing to look at new issues as well. Be aware that very low-level dots may do something weird like this from time to time.

4: Players look like they teleport, usually happens when there is an INT or change of possession (like punts). It's a bug, but purely visual, it doesn't affect the sim. Bort has said it's just not worth fixing as it does not have any impact on the game. It is to do with a change in possession.

● Commonly False Bugs ●

==The following things are NOT bugs==

101: Graphics show something that looks impossible, like a catch out of bounds, the ball not being near someone when they catch it, the ball carrier stop short but given the first down and vice versa, punts that are or are not touchbacks or that have or have not gone out of bounds. In these and similar situations, the PBP text description is considered the accurate depiction of the events while the visual replay is considered approximate.

102: Advanced equipment upgrade issues, such as the SA not going up, or not being able to upgrade the advanced equipment. SA's on upgrading AEQ will only increase every other upgrade. You must also have enough Bonus Tokens to afford the upgrade.

103: Missed FG inside the 20 yard line results in ball placed on the 20. Not a bug, it is going by the NFL rule.

104: Uploading an avatar doesn't seem to do anything. It's just cached, you need to do CTRL F5 or refresh and the new one will show up.

105: Any bugs with Greasemonkey scripts are not considered Bugs as they are not part of GLB. If you are experiencing issues with or as a result of a Greasemonkey script, contact the creator or someone in the Greasemonkey forum.

106: Lower level players having good plays when their team is losing by more than 200 is not a bug, it's because of cruise control.

107: Substitutions in the goal line offense formation may pull a FS or other DB to play HB. This is because this formtaion requires three TE's on the depth chart to function correctly. If you do not have three TE's on your depth chart, the sim will pull your FB to play TE, your HB to play FB, and a random DB (usually FS) or WR to play RB. To avoid this, make sure you have three TE's on the chart. If you do not have three TE's, try using a WR or your FB as a backup.

108: Rounding issues with yards. For example, it might say you had 10 yards to go and you gained 10 but you didn't get the first down. It's because you actually gained 9.5 yards, but it was rounded to 10 for the display.

109: Can only delete 50 items at a time from your inbox and/oroutbox. Trying to do more will result in an error as the maximum is set at 50.

110: Sometimes a game's results will show up early or a little late. This is usually based on what has happened in that sim. Blowouts obviously take a little bit longer to sim. If the game is over an hour behind, you may begin to consider that the sim server is frozen and contact support so they can resolve the issue.

111: The ball may not appear on a replay, it may not be a bug. Check any adblock software that can block the ball image.

112: A players energy was not reset to 100. This is a common topic in the off season, it is because there isn't an energy/XP rollover on day 40. The energy will be restored before the next game, so no need to worry.

113: Endorsement equipment isn't reflected on the player's profile page unless it's unequipped then re-equipped. It will still be reflected in the stats, whether or not it shows on the player page. Purely a caching issue and Bort just forgot to run the script to clear the cache on the players' equipment.

114: Your team did not punt inside the opponents 30-yard-line even though your OAI specifically says to. This is because you are not allowed to punt within the 30-yard-line. Your team will go for it on 4th down if you have chosen to try and punt.

115: Kickoff coverage unit stops and/or does not pursue the ball. This is not a bug. This is currently coded as Bort intends it to be so we can not call any of these issues bugs. When the kick returner misses the catch on the kickoff, the coverage team will either stop still around the 35 yard line or continue in their lanes until the returner recovers the ball. Which action the coverage team does is dependent on the angle, path, and velocity of the kick, but they currently are acting in a fashion that Bort intends and will not converge on the ball until it is recovered. These issues are not considered Bugs and will be closed as such if posted. They will be recoded down the line, but for now it is working correctly as coded.

116: Attribute Sharing option is unchangeable. You are unable to change your attribute sharing option during rollover each night. This is not considered a bug. If you are attempting to change this option but your change is not saving, wait until rollover has completed and then you will be able to save the new setting.

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