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OK guys, we've been having a few issues so I want to make a post and clear up a couple of things and let you know what is and is not allowed.

It is fine to discuss/debate issues you have with GLB. That has never been something we will moderate. What is not fine is implicitly threatening others that if they do not follow a certain course of action that negative repercussions will result.

As for the issue with Custom EQ and the cost associated with Pee Wee leagues, I brought this up at the staff meeting and Bort and Digital Daggers made it quite clear that they were not going to change how it works. They have their reasons for doing so and as it's their business, they have the right to follow that path.

As a customer, you also have rights to not boost or use Custom EQ and it is something you are entitled to do if you choose. However, organizing these efforts between teams is not something GLB is going to condone or allow. If you want to discuss it between yourselves via private message that is fine, but when you post it in public forums we are going to draw the line.

We will hand out forum suspensions for any user making these types of threads and if the action continues, will take more severe action.
Edited by Catch22 on Sep 10, 2010 14:19:03

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