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Forum > Team Press Releases > Europe West Press Releases > Sevilleīs Golden Eagles saying GOOD BYE
As posted on the team forum:

"Well, after 9 seasons I think itīs time for an END. Donīt know it it was my fault or not but, I donīt have any more energy to do this... Iīve spend lots of time with the recuitment thing, AI and forum activity and was unable to create a more active team which was my aim from the very beginning... I donīt mind if weīre in the PROīs or not (this is very good for the recruitment purposes but that all!) I rather would like an ACTIVE team, with you guys involved. Itīs very hard to realize youīre putting lots of your time+money+excitement on this and youīre not getting nothing in exchange. Perhaps it was my fault cos were unable to motivates you, maybe you guys are very busy with RL (of course, I understand no one lives in GLB) or probably most of the teams around GLB are having the same issue, but I cannot cope with that anymore; I have to pay more attention to RL issues and less to GLB ones so Seville is saying GOOD BYE TO GLB.

If any of you is willing to take Seville, Iīll be very glad to send it to your way.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you who helped me all the way through, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! Of course, Iīm not quitting GLB, Iīl continue with my players around.

Sorry to all the new guys who came this year to Seville and were unable to demonstrate how good they are on the field.

Kind regards to EVERYONE!


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