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Originally posted by Kendo 1
would be nice to get a little more info on this.
How is it going to happen ? will it just be introduced at site rollover ?
When ? this week ? next ? next season ?

will it all be one package with coaches introduced at same time ? i would prefer this. I see what they are trying to do with the sim, i would personally like everything done this season so we can have stable season 16.

Season 15 the season of change, archetypes, coaches, finances.

Todays annoucement says info coming this week.
Originally posted by shadofax29

1. Do away with the EQ cost.
2. Make player builds the only performance enhancer.
a. Make Agents log on each day to "train their player" or lose the benefit of training effectively.
b. How you train impacts the effectiveness as well. Must have an effective training regimen
c. Players spend money on Personal Training, Training Regimen, Food, Supplements, etc
3. Agents who don't log on for several seasons would have their players Auto retired.
4. All players would automatically be assigned to a division based on age. This would do away with your SSB issue. Nobody wants their 300 day old player who is only level 25 playing in a Cap 42 league.
5. AEQ can be bought to improve performance of player.

Team level

1. Provide a fully built stadium from the start
2. Team can sell naming rights to Stadium to generate revenue
3. Team can advertise/run promotions to generate fan base
4. Winning helps generate fan base
5. Player DRAFT!!!

There are many other things you can do to generate interest, commitment, and reduce complexity. Need to add the fun factor back into the equation.

Someone should have an Admin's ear to this. You and Ryiotgear should have a title of some sort. Those are the two best ideas posted in some time. Well done gentlemen.
Originally posted by ajd40
I really like the idea of having players assigned to leagues based on age. Once the players are assigned you can have a draft of those players. Any player that isn't selected by draft becomes a free agent and can sign with one league lower.

I also like the idea of the game controlling attribute gains. You create your player and assign an archetype. Once you level up, the game decides where your attribute points go. Sometimes you get lucky and have an above average gain in an attribute sometimes it's normal. You can use veteran points to assign SA's and VA's. This eliminates the SSB's and exploit builds and basically let's everyone play the game instead of just the "in the know" builders.

I might as well play Craps
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