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As this game gets bigger, people will start making more and more scripts to do little interface tweaks that the admins won't have time to do. Here is an outside forum created by mw54finest to help keep these scripts organized:

If you have a new script or want to see which scripts are available, please visit this forum.

Here's a link to a quick list of the scripts. We try to also keep a link of additional scripts in the next post with some details from the authors of the scripts themselves. Enjoy:
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Before Bort implemented it, Lordscarlet started this Greasemonkey trend with a script to hide the game scores so that you can check things out a little more "real time". After that, other people have made more scripts that are still useful now.

Here's what Greasemonkey is -

Here's how to utilize the scripts:

1. Install Greasemonkey (if you don't have it)
2. Click on the scripts provided and follow any addition directions that the creator has provided
3. Go to your GLB home page to see the changes.

Here are the scripts that people have contributed (you must have Greasemonkey downloaded first):

Originally posted by Forest21
I've made multiple scripts recently that can both be found on this page-

Just click on the one you want and press the black "Install Script" button in the top right hand corner. Here are the things that the scripts created can do:

1. "Sort Players" - Sort players by their name, position, level, XP, team, date created, or game time. Ascending and descending. Update 6/2: Now saves your last sort settings. Also works on other player pages (no XP sort)

2. "Scouting Report Numbers" - Adds numbers to the scouting report bars

3. "Highlight Attributes" - Highlights the major and minor attributes of a player for a specific build. Example -

4. "Forum Page Links" - adds seperate links to pages in a thread. If it has >10 then it will show the first seven and then the last three.

5. "Watch Game Score" - will show an update of the score so far on the play-by-play page whenever a TD or FG is made. Works the same when "watching" the plays appear as well.

Highlighting your player in the replay

Originally posted by RandomBeast
You should be somewhat familiar with Greasemonkey to do this, as you will in essence be creating your own script for your player.

Now before we get started, you'll need to find the player ID of who you want to track on the replay. You can do that by clicking on any of your players on your home page. You'll see their ID at the end of the URL: "player_id=######"

###### = your player ID number. Save that number.

You'll also need a 16x16 image you want to show up for your player.

I'm using just a colored red circle with my player's initial on it, but you can put anything really. Just make sure it is 16x16 so it fits with the others in the replay. It should have some transparency if you want to make it a circle. Upload it to a server somewhere and save that URL.

Now, in Firefox go to Tools>Greasemonkey>New User Script...

For name, enter the name of your player
Put anything for Namespace (I put GLB for GoalLineBlitz)
You can put any description. Something like "Custom icon on replay for player XYZ"
For the includes, remove anything currently there, and add "* " (no quotes)

It may ask you to browse for a text editor if you don't have one associated - browse to notepad or something similar.

It will open up a text file with a few lines at the top. Underneath those, put the following code:

window.setTimeout( function()
document.getElementById('#######').innerHTML = '<img src="">';

Replace the ###### in the two places with your player user ID you saved earlier. Replace the URL with the path to your image. Save that file. Next time you watch a replay, your player will have a custom icon.

Addendum to the highlighting (if you don't want to replace the image and just want to write one script for all your players):

Originally posted by RandomBeast

Can't do red dots, because that would still require a bunch of new images. But you can get close. Use the same code, but replace the line that switches the image with this:

document.getElementById('#######').style.backgroundColor = 'red';

You still need to plug in your player ID.

You can also include all your players in one script back to back:

document.getElementById('000001').style.backgroundColor = 'red';

document.getElementById('000002').style.backgroundColor = 'red';


Originally posted by
You can use any color you want. You can use named values or hex codes.

Here is a good list from RandomBeast:

Another list that's sorted differently from Drav:

GLB Friend List (friends show up at the bottom with their avatar and link to person's profile):

Originally posted by yomamathecableguy

Here's the script:

To add a friend, insert this two lines before it says container.innerHTML:

//Friend #
//ID -
var id#='idnumber'
//name -
var name#='name'

# = The number of the friend. For example, if he is the 7th friend in the script (after //Friend 6) then # will be 7. This goes after //Friend, id, and name.

idnumber = The digits at the end of the user's home page url

name = Your chosen name (i.e. Bort)

Also insert this one line before the last line of code:

'<td><img src="' + avatar + id# + '" width="75" height="75">' +
'<br><a href="' +
friendlink + id# + '">' + name# + '</a></td>' +

# = Same as above

I know it's kinda complicated, but I'll try to look for an easier way. If you have any questions, ask them.

Player's cash is on the homepage:

Originally posted by yomamathecableguy
i've finally got it. i can get information from external pages. i made a script that adds your players cash to the home page. check it out:

this one requires a little bit of setup, not too much, but some.

this is the layout of each "block":

method: 'GET',
url: '',
headers: {
'User-agent': 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible) Greasemonkey',
'Accept': 'application/atom+xml,application/xml,text/xml',
onload: function(cash) {
var response1=cash.responseText
var cash=response1.split('<td class="stat_head">');
var cash1=cash[18].split('<td class="stat_value">');
var cash2=cash1[1].split('</td>');
var container=document.getElementById('content')
var playerbox=getElementsByClassName('player_vitals',document)
playerbox[0].innerHTML = playerbox[0].innerHTML +
"<tr><td class='player_vital_head'>Cash:</td><td>" + cash2[0] + "</td>" +

1)where it says url: 'http://goal.....', put your player's url.
2) in the 4th line up from the bottom, there is a line playerbox[0].inner......
look at what position the specified player is on the page. top left is 1, top right is 2, second left is 3, etc. subtract one from this. now put that number in for the 0 in both innerHTML's.
3)to add more players, simply copy the above block of code, paste it at the bottom of the script, and repeat steps 1 and 2

ask if you need help

- This is not a script, but an addon that will help notify you if something changes on a page that you're not on.

Originally posted by Cronus6

I use Page Update Checker to check my inbox here and team forums it works pretty well.

Adding a link to the outbox on your homepage

Originally posted by RandomBeast

Yes, I just wrote one. Let me upload it somewhere.

Here's the script:

Link to team forum and other options for owned/GMed teams

Originally posted by manic

Got tired of going to my team page to get to the depth chart, tactics, etc.. so I made a script to add links to the homepage.

Adds a forum link beside the team name, and a row of links below that.. It should work for gm'ed teams also but I couldn't test it.


Puts the delete button on top of the inbox instead of the bottom:

Originally posted by RandomBeast
Originally posted by yomamathecableguy

Delete Button - i'm working on this, but i can't seem to get it to work. i'll keep you updated.

Yeah, that was trickier than I thought it would be because of the construction of the form elements on the page. I did manage to get it working though.

Script available here:

Allows you to delete multiple PMs:

Originally posted by manic
Check or uncheck a range of checkboxes by clicking the first checkbox and then Shift+clicking the last checkbox.

you can do more than 1 range also, like if you had 20 pm's and want to delete all but the but the 10th pm, click the first then shift+click the 9th, click the 11th then shift+click the last one

Creates an embedded chatterbox that allows you to interact with whoever has this script:

Originally posted by yomamathecableguy
This one fits into the page a little better. it's not just like a tall building or something, it's a lot wider than the v.1.0 one. plus, it allows you to private chat with other users. even better, the private chats and the main chat are tabbed.

Creates a link to send a PM beneath user name on forum threads:

Originally posted by RandomBeast
I received this request via PM: to create a script that adds a link to send a PM beneath the user name on forum threads.

Here is the script:

Puts the number of messages you have in your inbox in the toolbar (must have at least 1 message for it to pop up):

Originally posted by xScREaMx
Hey Jed, wanna put this on the front page? yomamma made it (lmao) and it puts the number of PM's you have in the toolbar. I accidentally deleted it and it took forever to find again.

Creates a bigger depth chart:

Originally posted by RandomBeast

Originally posted by Wrath Of Conor

Is it possible to write a script that affects the depth chart screen? Specifically to make the middle window larger so it shows more than just three players?

It's annoying being an owner and trying to set up certain aspects of the depth chart like ST where you need to add so many guys and the window only shows 3.

Here's the script:

Originally posted by DaRealest
Also did these, which are basically modified from RB's script for Bigger Depth Charts:

7 player (What I usually use) -

10 player -

15 player (Good for ST setting) -

22 player (Highly unlikely you'll REALLY need it, but it's there!) -

Clears the default team from the "Make Offer" page:

Originally posted by RandomBeast
Here's the script to clear the default team from the "Make Offer" page

Thanks to manic and Wrath of Conor for their assistance.

Change Outbox Delete Button location and Training Editor location:

Originally posted by DaRealest
Well, I've just decided to try my hand at this and it seems to work the way intended:

Outbox Delete Button in the Upper Right Hand -

Quick Training Editor Update Button in the Upper Right Hand -

Autoplay and First down marker:

Originally posted by tciss
Anyone want to watch the game without clicking the "Next Play" button? How about with a first down marker?

If so here you go:

Outputs a scouting report on the play-by-play screen:

Originally posted by pabst
Originally posted by tciss

I think we need to get organized or we will all end up duplicating each others work.

On that note, here's my duplicated work. It started out as yours though I rewrote most of it along the way. It works well enough for me and shows a bit more information than what I started with.

Change picture links in the forums to embedded pictures

Originally posted by Savage Smurf
2)Restart Firefox
3)Tools => Text to Image (advanced options(Your preference))
4)Click the red typhoon at the bottom to turn it to green(on)

Originally posted by kjoe51689
Official He-Man Group Script -

To get the new script please go here

Created by - Kjoe51689 and Toccata6767

What is it? - This script allows you to post images in tags like you do with bold and Underline. As well as other smileys that the game doesn't include

How to use -
[*video]insert youtube vid here[/video*]
[*glb]insert flash replay url here[/glb*]

without the *... You must use lowercase img for now
you must also use the http:// for it to work

Example -

**If you cant see these please reinstall script to get version two**


This will turn your picture tag into a picture on the forum itself

Why use this?- This gets rid of the need to post just a link and make people click it to see what you mean. It will only run when looking at a thread and is capable of loading multiple pictures in less than a second.

[bump], [nsfw], +1, -1, [combine], [addict], [heman], [gtfo], [help], and [pwned]

This has been confirmed to work on the following browsers -
Firefox with greasmonkey and Chrome Natively

Please feel free to spread the word about this code! The more people that use it the more it will come in handy.

Please let us know what you think of the version 1 of the script. If you find any errors please let us know.

*Incorrectly using the img tags does not count

Why use this over TTI?

1. GLB Script(Support)
2. No need to hover over links to see the pop up of the picture(Edit Incorrect)
3. Supports Emotions for things used in game like + and - 1
4. Supported on both Chrome and Firefox not just FF
5. TTI is fine but this program is a relatively small program so why not just download it?
6.Supports Game Replays
7.Supports Videos

Edited by Catch22 on Feb 8, 2011 22:28:59
Tim Harper
I will check this out tomorrow when the games are going. Let you know if it is worth the time and effort to get it going and such.
There's a typo-ish error in the first two links:

Originally posted by Jed


The end parenthesis (and the comma after the wikipedia link) is included in the URL, which means you get dead links by clicking on them (at least I do from my IE at work).
i can see you are a mod so i guess DD and Bort is cool with this. will try it and tell you about it.

links do not work
Last edited Apr 5, 2008 22:37:31
Originally posted by fins88
i can see you are a mod so i guess DD and Bort is cool with this. will try it and tell you about it.

links do not work

Actually, I didn't ask, I'm just trying to make things cleaner

And oh great, Tim's a mod now, too. There goes the neighborhood

I'll fix the links.
Tim Harper
Originally posted by Jed
Actually, I didn't ask, I'm just trying to make things cleaner

And oh great, Tim's a mod now, too. There goes the neighborhood

*Knees Jed in the Sack*

The hide scores script only hides the scores under the players. If you own a team it doesn't hide the score displayed underneath the team link on the home page.
Originally posted by thurinn
The hide scores script only hides the scores under the players. If you own a team it doesn't hide the score displayed underneath the team link on the home page.

how did you get it to work for get it it works now
Last edited Apr 5, 2008 23:52:07
hmmmm i gues so since wat mod says we can do i will do bcuz if its rong its not my fault
awesome! A greasemonkey script!

Customizing your gamespace with scripts is awesome!
Tim Harper
Originally posted by D-will
hmmmm i gues so since wat mod says we can do i will do bcuz if its rong its not my fault

Yep, you got it D-Will!
could come in useful thankyou for sharing Jed.
Originally posted by thurinn
The hide scores script only hides the scores under the players. If you own a team it doesn't hide the score displayed underneath the team link on the home page.

I will have to work with someone that has a team, as I do not have one. I will try to do that in the next few days.

It also does not hide the score on the team page (where it lists all the scores) and has some other "hint" things (like top performers) that do not get hidden. I will be working on those as well. I just wanted to get _something_ out there because I know a lot of people want a little more surprise in the game results.

As far as Bort and DD being OK with it, I don't know. I can't imagine a script like this being a problem. If there was something going out that gave an "advantage" to players, I could see where that might be a different issue. This, however, doesn't give anyone the upper hand. And, I imagine, it will be obsolete once they are done with some of the game engine code and can focus on UI stuff. If they notify me that it is a problem I will gladly take it down.

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