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The team was founded in season 1 under the same ownership as today. The core of the team is together since the start with half of the coordinators as well. We made a decent job over the years, making the playoffs every season but only turned into a top team 2 seasons ago. In season 6 we went to the conference final in WE AAA2 and got promoted to Pro league. In our rookie season (S7) we had a 13-3 record and advanced to the second round in the playoffs.
We do have a quality team that is still missing some pieces as we have also seen in scrimmages vs some top teams of GLB during the last and current season. We decided to make the ultimate run to the championship in season 9 so we are looking for players that are able to play an important role in Pro league. We are open to listen to players on every position who want to get a trophy from WE Pro and think that they are good enough to carry a championship team.

Please send me a PM with your players build if you are interested.

Here is some info about us:

Who are we?
- Graz Grizzlies (3-0 atm)
- Western Europe Pro
- a group of mature guys, a lot of us already have families and real life, most of us together since season 1. IŽm having 2 kids on my own.

What do we offer?
- very competitive league
- very competitive team (7 x playoff team in AAA and Pro)
- good gameplanning
- active forum (but no spamming)
- Hall of fame, book of records
- fair salary
- equipment (at least weŽll try to provide lvl 56 equip for everyone)

What do we want?
- team player
- reading the forum and setting tactics
- committment to the team
I didn't even know this forum existed haha. Why aim for next season when you can win THIS one?!

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