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The following is a simplified list of frequent suggestions that have been determined to be currently never going to happen by GLB's developers/admins. Suggestions mimicking any of the below topics will be locked. Also, this list is in no way "complete". In function, it is merely a reference tool.

Threads referencing things that have been previously labeled NGTH may still be locked, even if they are not listed below. Questionable items are brought to admin attention by forum moderators, with the admin then making a final determination.

Player/Player Building Related
- Adding new attributes
- Revisions/Additions to Archetypes
- Selecting Major/Minor Attributes
- Any changes to the training system including training during plateau
- Changes to plateau/decline
- Any change to the XP system
- Unlimited VA Resets
- Resets for AEQ/CEQ
- Full respecs of players and resetting of game
- Career/season ending injuries (or any other kind of injuries-per Catch22)
- Unretiring
- Exchanging a flex player to the free player, and exchanging a free player to a flex player
- Accelerated Player, Instant Player

Team/GM Function Related
- Offensive Play Creator
- Real time simulations and play calling
- Any changes to how the D-leagues currently operate and function
- Player drafts
- Ability for players to "holdout"
- Separate leagues for boosting/non-boosting
- Limitations to the number of players a user can have on one team
- Limitations on the number of teams a user can be a gm for
- Controlling individual players training/tactics by owners/gms
- More uses for team flex bank other than scrimmages

- Anything that violates privacy of users
- Gambling
- Any changes or additions to free players including free CEQ
- Real money or flex purchases/incentives/transfers of any kind
- Any changes to the flex pricing system including retirement refunds
- Limiting/restricting public forum access (other than forum banned users)
- Voting for forum moderators
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