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I am new to owning a team and I have tried looking through the wiki and forums but can't find what I need, I am hoping you all can help. (a search function would be nice) I own a team in a rookie league. What are the level requirements for the rookie teams. Does it make sense for me to try to extend my current players contracts? Or will I not be allowed to keep them if I want to continue owning the team? Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated.
When you open the league screen, on the top right, above schedule you have League rules.

For example for rookie league:
Salary Cap $3,500,000
Enforced Age Caps 0d - 27d
Recommended Levels Lv1 - Lv17

Enforced Age Cap is how old player must be in order to play in the league at that moment.

Since your players are Age 27d, they can play for your team, if they are signed. If they are playing for other team(non CPU), you can't sign them.

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