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Theo Wizzago
Originally posted by pittball1
The whole coaching staff should be fired. especially Tomlin.

I dunno about that. Even the greatest coaches have done bonehead decisions... even Billycheat, Landry, Shula, and Madden. Now... if it happens again in the playoffs... again... then ya might have a beef worthy. I'm not a Steelers fan but I get the angst. Considering what Tomlin has done for the team so far, I think he can get a pass on this... this time.
Being a Steelers fan I've seen way to many boneheaded decisions, terrible time management, unable to change game plans within the game, inexcusable losses against terrible teams. etc. etc. People talk about his wonderful win/loss record and it is pretty special, but you have to consider we play the Browns and Bengals twice a year. I believe 38 of his wins are against these 2 teams. His playoff record is 8-7. That's what really counts. With the talent on this team, there is no reason we shouldn't be competing with New England year in and year out for the Lombardi. With this coaching staff we will just continue to be good but not good enough, it's time for a complete change.

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