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Welcome to season 63, and your preseason ranks.

The conferences look pretty even this season imo. Zeta is top heavy with Indy and HHWC, Alpha could be really tough if the Jersey team emerges.

new teams will make things interesting.

Still no DS sighting

INDY needs a win,
HHWC is the front runner,
Jersey is the underdog,
Cherokees are the stability
benitos are the Class Clown
Hood is HOOD
The Tyrrhanians is the coolest name since The Dirty Sanchez (and the The C-Town Muthafkn Hood)
Miami is the explosive offense
DC is in the League Doghouse
nomads are the team you cant ignore
auburn is the noob
the Growl is in trouble

thats what i think anyway..........



1.Cherokees[ owner Mauler
Gotta hand it to these guys man. last year was a tough field and they won it all, beating HHWC in the Champ game. they are good every year, usually near the top of their division, and have been in WL a long time now. I cant remember the last time they were in danger of demoting.

2.Miami owner: Tomcic
Miami looks like a scoring machine this year. They are always in it. Tomcic throws games though , so they'll hang around the middle

3.Nomads owner: LittleM
- steady as she. goes, nomads seem to win when they need to and can beat beat any team on any given day. but the Ring still eludes the Nomads

4.Benitos owner: Krille820
(they haz a Ring) i still love the season they won it. they seem to cut it a little close to demotion lately, but thats how The Swede rolls

5.Jersey - owner;HCreek
This team looks very dangerous, and they will move up in these ranks, im not gonna committ to a high rank yet till i see a few games. but I think they are going to be a contendahh

6.The Growl - owner: dawg
- I think it will a tough season for the Growl. they had a nice playoff run last year and I think they were surprised they ended up here lol.. well deserved. They only went 8-8 in reg season though, so we'll see



1. HHWC - owner: ufshowboat
dispite the Champ game the loss I think they have re-established themselves as the front runner in the League. they give Indy fcking fits in the playoffs. the Champ Game is a crazy game, its hard to win. Mistakes hurt, things need to go right. and nothing is a given, especially with the stale sim. They haz 8 rings

2.indy - owner; refguru
Bottom line is Indy needs to win. They have 7 championships but Its a drought now, 5 seasons since they won it. need to step it up in the Playoffs

3.Tyrranians - owner: madmal
They were pretty impressive last year, came through a tough conference and played well in the playoffs. I think they'll hang around for a while now that theyre back

4.HOOD - owner: Larry Roadgrader
we'll see if they are the HOOD of old. Its the LARRY show now

5.Auburn War eagles owner:L15S
- total wild card, could be very good. they beat Odessa in the pro champ game to get here.

6.DC Freedom. owner; Ace
- Pretty solid last year and I actually started with them at 3rd. But when you lose to the Volgograd army guys you got some 'splaining to do Ace. Thats not allowed even if its preseason. DC will certainly move up as others move down, but somebody had to start at #6


Good Luck to all the Teams

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Great write up Boozer.

Good luck to all guys, if you desperately need Ws this season to make the POs, then just PM me and we will figure out a way to make it work. Even if it means Miami not making POs
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Well done Boozer. Thanks for doing these.
Little M
Originally posted by Tomcic
Great write up Boozer.

Good luck to all guys, if you desperately need Ws this season to make the POs, then just PM me and we will figure out a way to make it work. Even if it means Miami not making POs

PM sent

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