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Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children get your asses to bed. This is the moment we have all been waiting for Paul season long the one game that actually matters. To teams left for one common goal and I have a feeling this one is going to get ugly. Set a sit down shut up eat your popcorn and enjoy potentially the best game of the season.

Oakland Supressors @ Williamsport Soul Reavers

Despite a controversial simulation Oakland finds itself in the championship game. This game pits the number one ranked team in the league vs potentially the best team in the league.

Nothing that Oakland has accomplished or failed to accomplish during the regular season means anything at all in this game. There is no denying hey accomplishments of Oakland who has been to world league multiple times. Obviously if you are a team that has ever opposed Oakland you know that they are hard team to scout and an even harder team to beat. Williamsport has climbed the ranks throughout the season starting out somewhat sluggish and the finding there way to the top seed. This however is unlike any opponent have faced before and it looks to be there toughest challenge yet. It doesn't go just for Oakland and goes for both of these teams they need to take care of the football and avoid turning it over because they're going to need every opportunity they can get their hands on to score points. I'm not naive if one team blows out the other it's going to be Oakland hosting the trophy. I don't necessarily believe this is going to be a blowout more sell I think it might be a shootout.

Prediction: WSR 17-14

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