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Southeast Asia Conference

Munchen Zeebachs vs. Artic Smurfin Wolfpack

Just 1 games separate these two teams. Both teams have played very well throughout the season despite some early chemistry issues, Zeebachs really turned on the Jets late in the season have they started to steamroll the competition. They played the best team in the league (based on win/loss record) within just three points despite a loss. Artic played that very same team but we can't say it was that close. Head-to-head these two teams split meetings in this game I actually expected low-scoring affair. I have a gut feeling it's going to be a very defensive game in the result of this game it's going to exist because of a late fourth-quarter turnover.

Prediction: MZ 24-17

Stewart Balls vs. Oakland Supressors

This game is either going to be really interesting or really boring. The first matchup between these two resulted in an Oakland win in the bowlers took the second match up which wasn't really all that close. Both of these teams, and because I referenced it in the first match up I'm going to here, played Williamsport at different points in the season and both lost in a rout. The biggest problem I see for both of these teams in this game is that each of their respective competitive games we're almost entirely losses. Oakland's key victory that was close in score with over the Stewart ballers the biggest issue with referencing that he said it was at the beginning of the season and when they met again Oakland lost in a blowout. I want to tell you that like the first game this is going to be a defensive game but I actually think that it's going to be very heavy offensive. Because I believe the score is going to rise quickly I give you my prediction as follows but let's keep in mind that both of these teams have been to and done well in world league anything can really happen.

Prediction: Stewart Ballers 56-21

Oceania Conference

Swat City Vigilantes vs. Christchurch Fighting Maori

I wish I could be more optimistic about this game and the teams involved in it, however I simply cannot. CCFM has made the playoffs winning just six games and in both of their matchups against SCV they lost and it wasn't really that close
SCV up until week 15 ended was ranked number 1 in the league and then they lost to wsr in a rout. It was an interesting loss because in the very first game of the season they creamed WSR. Getting back to this game however the results are going to be very predictable.

Prediction: SCV 45-10

Williamsport Soul Reavers vs. San Diego Supa Chargers

San Diego deserve some credit in the first matchup Williamsport they did lose but it was only a difference 10 points however I do think it's worth noting that at the beginning of the season wsr was suffering from considerable chemistry issues. In the second match up San Diego got destroyed. Until week 15 because of their lost to the vigilantes Williamsport was ranked number two in the league behind a SCV. With their convincing win over the vigilantes in week 15 the Williamsport Soul Reavers claimed the number one seed and not just Oceania but in Pacific Pro. The harsh reality of this game is that I believe there is only one team in the league it has the ability to play Williamsport closely and that is the vigilantes but I've been wrong before. This game is what it is. What are you doing

Prediction: 40-14 WSR
Thanks for the great write up Jack!!!! Great read as always!!!

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