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Forum > Announcements > Season 2 Start Date
There is no official start date yet. Anybody that claims to know the date is lying to you. Right now, we are planning to have the first games start on Saturday. We might do Friday if everything gets done by tomorrow afternoon, but I want to make sure you have fair warning.

I have some random things I have to make sure will work properly before the season starts. Schedules will probably go up tomorrow night so you team owners have a day or two to prepare. No I do not have an exact time.

We know you're anxious to get the season underway, and we are too, but I would assume you'd rather have a properly working game to play than a broken one.
Sorry for the edit, Bort.

This means no more threads about when season 2 starts. Here you have it from an admin himself.
Last edited Apr 23, 2008 22:10:54

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