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Sim Major Changelog (affects following day)
Jun 23, 2010
- Fix for punt coverage team overrunning returner and adjustment for coverage team to spread out into lanes after punt
- Additional logic added to pass blocker selection to address some exploity blitzes and improper G/OT switching vs 3 man lines
- Adjust HB/FB pass block logic to keep fast backs from flying up to the LOS right at the snap and missing blocks
- Fixes for pursuit intercept calculations when intercept point is beyond the sideline or past the endzone
- Adjust pursuit calculations to use a vector history list instead of just current vector. Results in smoother path choices.
- Fix issue where QB could audible TE to block left on QB kneel plays
- Make short passes a little easier to complete, and long passes a little harder

Jun 16, 2010
- Fix for intermittent bug resulting in lower than intended percentage chances on field goals in the mid-20 yard ranges

Jun 1, 2010
- Concession formula dialed back so max prices no longer sell as well as they had

May 28, 2010 (mid day patch)
- Revert morale effects to last season's version

May 27, 2010
- Fix bug giving kickers extra attempts that they didn't actually try for in game stats

May 25, 2010
- Revert the morale balance between offense and defense that we did last season
- Slightly reduce the chance of revcakes
- Reduce the spin bonus tied into the running slider slightly
- Reduce the effect that Pump Fake has on defenders
- Catch Fake now only works when making cuts and will not work on streak type routes. It's strength was increased slightly
- Make 2nd wind work at the beginning of the 2nd quarter and overtimes as well.
- Increased effect of low morale.
- Mentor and Motivational Speaker VA's removed from the game, Vet points returned to players who had them
- Clear big hit tackle SA text to make sure previous SA usage doesn't get outputted to text after a fumble
- Add additional checks for ball being spotted inside endzone
- Adjust logic for determining description of left/right/middle rushes in PBP
- Increase push forward vector when ball carrier near endzone, to push him into endzone instead of walking near the line
- Work on Pro Set Quick pitch fluidity
- Fix for players stopping after their last block target was pancaked
- Fix sometimes issue on QB rollout plays

Apr 19, 2010
- Adjust the way the ball carrier vision radius works to fix some "stuttery" behavior caused by defenders approaching at certain distances
- Adjustment to dynamic lead blocker system to allow larger radius of acceptable defenders to block

Apr 15, 2010
- Fix to math error miscalculating the spot when ball carrier is considered near the sideline

Apr 9, 2010
- Add check to XP gain to disallow gaining XP more than once in the same day

Apr 6, 2010
- 50% minimum XP for all players code applied for regular season games
- Fix Weak I Slam play to hit the proper hole

Apr 5, 2010
- Position KR around kicker's maximum range on kickoffs so they don't get so many bounced kicks at low levels
- Update recent forced elusiveness addition to only apply outside the inside run box and for defenders within 45 degrees ahead
- Make blockers chase after just broken block even if the defender is behind them, until the defender gets too far away or picked up by someone else
- Update timeout logic to not call timeouts when in a likely punt scenario
- Make recent reaction delay addition still allow tackles to occur when in range, though at a penalty
- Make recent reaction delay addition require a bit larger cut to activate
- Fixes for bugs reported on Shotgun QB rollout and I Pitch Weak plays

Apr 2, 2010 (mid day upload 5PM)
- Add a minimum kick distance for kickoffs to avoid some short kick antics, and to make low level special teams a bit more exciting
- Make recent reaction delay not apply to QB's who are in pass mode, to fix some issues with blitzers flying by too much

Apr 1, 2010
- Update to recent blocking code: make sure blockers block players on their side of the line first, and improvements to angle selection

Apr 1, 2010 (mid day upload 4PM)
- Increase distance QB is allowed to drop back, and allow more movement in general when in pass mode
- Add potential for defender reaction to be delayed briefly when ball carrier makes a large cut
- Improve chance and power of spin skill the more elusive the player is set to on running style slider for non special teams plays

March 31, 2010
- Add ability for pass blockers who have no target to pull back and block overloads that would normally be too far away (addresses some exploit blitzes)
- Updated Shotgun 5WR QB draw play to have lesser delay

March 30, 2010
- Extend low level passing bonus outside of peewee levels, diminishing into the mid lv 30's
- Fixed definition for new QB shotgun rollout plays that could leave very low agility QB's stuttering around one spot

March 29, 2010
- New plays added
- Disallow fair catch on punt if it has bounced
- Disallow out of bounds text if TD was scored on the same tick
- Make sack safety count as both sack and safety in stats
- Do not allow punting team to down ball unless it is moving slowly, to avoid early downing
- Reduce distance punt blockers will run backwards to account for where PR is standing
- Fix issue with morale able to save at over 100
- Force elusiveness when getting to close to a defender, so ball carrier doesn't run through defenders so much, even on sideline
- Add logic to avoid defenders behind the blocker when blocking closest or lead blocking
- Make nearest blocker pick up kickoff if it's too short for the KR to get it, and kickoff team switch to target him instead
- Update WR blocking method on rush plays to start blocking sooner instead of running a route and then looking to block
- Reduce radius for defenders getting picked on man defense
- Increase QB checkdown speed
- Lengthen QB throw animation time
- Change Relentless Pursuit ability to 2 seconds instead of 3
- A few adjustments to QB targeting to allow earlier throws in general, especially past the first down line
- Adjustment to pump fake to work more against zone and less against man
- Pump Fake reaction is no longer just stopping, but instead moving toward where the receiver was when the fake happened
- Increase zone defense reaction ability
- Reduce OL pancake ability a bit
- Make run blockers pick up players directly on the line even if they are not blitzing at first
- Add special code for open field blocking that makes blockers who have no valid targets become "dynamic" lead blockers/protectors for ball carrier
- Increased effect of energy and morale
- Balance morale loss for Off/Def to be more even instead of weighted toward defense
- Make catching skill a bit more important to catching passes
- Make tackling skill a bit more important to making tackles, as opposed to strength
- Make carrying skill a bit more important for avoiding fumbles, as opposed to strength
- PD ability for blanketing defenders increased
- Reduce kick velocity baseline
- Support for new special abilities
- Updates to Veteran abilities: Power Tackler, David vs Goliath, Heavyweight, Mentor, Clock Manager, Hail Mary, Hard Count, Short Yardage Monster

March 8, 2010
- Update WR screen definition to fix problem with QB's overthrowing the receiver frequently

March 3, 2010
- Fix run block assignment missing DE's lined up too far outside
- Allow C to switch to lead block downfield like G's can when he has no one to block
- Allow pulling players to abort pull on run plays if player directly in front of them is still unblocked after all blocking assignments are handled

Feb 25, 2010
- Adjust run block decision order to look play-side first, to avoid missing blocks on outside blitzers or DE on play side
- Fix bug where play could be spotted in the endzone due to rounding error
- Fix bug where TFL's not awarded on 4th down turnovers

Feb 20, 2010
- Fix bug that could cause pass rushers to sometimes freeze after interception

Feb 8, 2010
- Fix/add some waypoints for some outside runs that were allowing power rushers to rush up the middle instead of outside

Feb 5, 2010
- Add support for new Pulling Lineman VA
- Fix bug counting screen passes as rushing yards
- Make QB worry about met distance a bit less and coverage a bit more when deciding receiver risk values
- Fix a couple outside rushing plays that had blocking schemes set to block inside instead of outside
- Bump up PD chance a bit more in double (or more) coverage
- Increase stun effect a little from bull rusher's "power push" move
- Increase radius within which vision check becomes auto pass on zone D a little
- Use a middle ground value between old KR/PR forward push amount and new

Feb 2, 2010
- Reduce overall "bounciness" of pass blocking, make collapsing pocket require passing strength checks
- Adjust pass blocker push angles to try and push outside rushers around back and out of the play (forming more of a pocket)
- Give pass rushers set to elusive a chance to use a "spin" type move to go around blocker
- Give pass rushers set to bull rush a chance to use a "power push" type move to push blocker back and out of the way
- Increase checkdown speed a little in general, especially when receiver is heavily covered, make initial checkdown go by a little quicker
- Bump zone D reaction ability back up a little bit
- Make vision check for open man off of checkdowns easier
- Fix for bug making QB sometimes not throw at the right time on screen passes
- Adjust route on most screen plays to go a little further out
- Adjust I pitch weak play to have FB lead block to the left, and OT/C block hole vacated by pulling guard, adjust all other pitch plays with pulling guard to have nearby blockers try and block vacated hole instead
- Add "pull" mode to lead blocking, that makes pulling guards ignore defenders above the LOS until they get to the outside, apply to pulling G rushes
- Make range of "offness" for bad passes smaller
- Reduce vision radius on KR/PR and increase "go forward" bias, reducing stuttering on returns

Jan 31, 2010
- Make QB drop back max distance lower
- Adjust pass blocker outside path offset to fall back a bit more
- Allow QB to start checkdowns as he is doing dropback

Jan 30, 2010
- Updates to QB targeting method, showing a line where the QB is looking during his checkdowns
- Updates to QB's "openness check" and read ahead ability to work better in general
- Allow changing of QB checkdown progressions via AI or package
- Slow down reaction time in zone D, to more human speeds
- Increase PD/Int chance for defenders
- Increase QB "scramblyness" to allow him more freedom of movement as if he were super-elusive
- Fix for spy QB to follow QB properly and work better
- Basic tactics spy QB options
- Add ability to allow QB to audible leaving blockers in when faced with a blitz
- Reduce encroachment penalty rate
- Improvements to elusive running style, including running out of bounds frequency
- Add a balance loss effect when being faked by a juke or head fake, making tackling harder after fake
- Allow G's to head down field like lead blockers on running plays when they are not blocking anyone at the line
- Improve plays that include pulling G's, allow G's to turn more easily when pulling
- Improve some of the lead blocking routes for FB/TE on pitch plays

Jan 13, 2010
- Fix bug that could make ball carrier untackleable if a certain series of events happened followed by a turnover

Dec 30, 2009
- Roll back an inadvertantly added change to lead blocking vision cone size (mid day rollback)

Dec 28, 2009
- Make non OT players blocking evasive DE's follow the "outside" path like the OT would
- Make OT not take "outside" path when blocking inside blitzers
- Fixes to a couple exploit blitz blocking order problems
- Make 70 point differential activate "max XP" mode
- Fix bug with pulling G's not going down field on pitch plays
- Fix kickoff touchback out of the end of the EZ resulting in time runng off clock
- Make QB not sackable during spike Play
- Fix for non-touchback when opponent fields punt at the exact same time as it crosses the goal line
- Fix HB/FB blocking assignments on some plays where they were set to block too far outside
- Increase min punt angle to 30 degrees

Dec 15, 2009
- Fix via some more heavily tested updates to pass and run block selections: covers a lot of "exploit" blitzes. More work is forthcoming on the issue.
- HB/FB/TE can now chip block a blitzer along their route
- Fix to handoff point on Pro Set HB Off Tackle play to make handoff smoother
- Amount of lead distance given on pursuit angle calculations reduced

Dec 8, 2009
- Make sure overlap protection code doesn't push D linemen too far outside the box
- Roll back some changes to pass block selection due to some other issues that have come up
- Make sure no time runs off the clock on an encroachment penalty

Dec 7, 2009
- Ensure minimum punt angle of 20 degrees, to avoid line drive punts getting picked off by gunners
- Fix to some pass block target selections: players should block a player who is lined up directly across from them over one who is lined up further back
- Double pass on overlap check to fix to some instances of overlapping D players that should not be possible

Dec 5, 2009
- Reduce chance of reverse pancake due to balance loss over time
- Set LB run play reaction time back down to previous seasons' values
- Reduce chance of normal pancake a little bit
- Make QB throwing animation last a couple ticks longer
- Require QB to "set his feet" (stop) when throwing long passes
- Made it harder for the QB to cut off his throwing animation early due to pressure
- Make QB dropback shorter
- Change to radius and method used to determine when QB is hurried
- Add "bad throw" text to PBP on wobbly passes, even if they are completed or dropped

Dec 3, 2009
- Lessen angle differential requirement for successful run block

Dec 2, 2009
- FG and extra points now fully simmed, replays included
- Depth charts for FG/XP added
- Fix to angles on gunners and gunner blockers on punts
- Make QB more likely to see and target "wide open" players
- Make QB less likely to see incoming blitzers
- Make requirements for passing and catching scale with level, so lower level players can pass too
- Chip blocking enabled
- Fake out chance while route running increaseed
- Increased fake chance just after catching ball
- Fixes for some order of operations problems vs certain exploit blitzes
- New veteran abilities
- WR slowdown on failed catch roll is now a gradation based on how bad the roll was instead of just pass/fail
- Shorten outside path of evasive DE
- Fix WR screen to not have the WR be led so far inside
- Weak I Power Toss play to have lead blockers not go so far outside and downfield
- Knock Bull Rusher VA down to 1% per level instead of 2%

Nov 8, 2009
- Fix bug allowing certain players to overlap on d line
- Change defense AI logic to not match a tagged position if position is not on the field, such as HB in 5WR plays
- Make 0 seconds run off on touchback, clock not start until kr touches ball

Nov 1, 2009
- Additional fix for recent "defenders stuck in endzone" update that caused them to sometimes take wrong angles when outside of EZ (updated mid-day)

Oct 28, 2009
- Fix to make sure time doesn't run off on a false start penalty
- Fix to an occasional issue that could cause defenders to get "stuck" around the back of the endzone

Oct 25, 2009
- Tracked down a division by zero error that had been causing random game crashes
- Make sure clock doesn't run to zero when timeout is called
- Decrease top end punt power a bit

Oct 22, 2009
- Fix to some DPC inconsistencies and "ompnipotence" in where players covering HB or FB weak/strong would line up on rushing plays if checkdowns also include WR's

Oct 19, 2009
- Fix singleback "HB Wheel" play to follow diagram on WR3
- Bump fumble randomness down a little

Oct 14, 2009
- Update to revert to older zone-based pass blocking target selection for certain situations and d lineups

Oct 10, 2009
- Revert some run blocking adjustments that were causing some issues with excessive pass-thru at the line
- Move pass blocking advantage a little more torwards defender

Oct 5, 2009
- KR return depth slider
- Cover HB/FB route left/right option for DPC
- DPC checkdowns work all the way through the list
- Flats zone players attack QB more often
- Update to coverage pathfinding: allow players to cover players behind the LOS
- Oustide Blocker VA only works on outside rushing plays (not passes)
- Zone Specialist VA deactivates at the moment Ball Hawk VA would take over (no stacking)
- Update to blocker selection algorithm on pass blocking to try and shift on overloads
- Pass blocking dynamics updated a bit; same formulas, but interaction is not quite so bouncy
- Hurries affect QB accuracy more, as does low morale
- QB rollout code updated a bit, but it's still a work in progress to get to where we really want it

Sept 1, 2009
- Fix to mitigate potential issue with data transmission errors for the weight column on some players, that could potentially increase/decrease effective stats (esp. velocity) for those players. A floor and ceiling for effective player weight has been added to fix the issue.

August 28, 2009
- Fix to issue that was causing linemen to sometimes line up off the line when overlapped by LB's just right (patch applied mid-day)

August 24, 2009
- Make sure DE's line up outside the DT/NT when dealing with overlap removal on custom plays
- Limitation to broken block speed boost that is causing teleporting behavior
- Fix for basic tactics kick distance not being followed

August 19, 2009
- Update to pass blocking logic, to fix some problems where outside blitzers were not picked up very well

August 10, 2009
- New Veteran Ability "Nerves of Steel", updates to "Possession Receiver," "Tenacious," and "Overtime Killer"
- Fix for a couple plays where a player froze instead of running a route.

August 9, 2009
- Removed draw plays from basic tactics (casual) playcalling. Draw plays must now be called by advanced AI or playbook manipulation.
- Changed default basic tactics defense vs 5WR to quarter instead of dime, and to not call cover 3 vs 5WR.

August 8, 2009
- Fix for packages not following positional sub settings

August 7, 2009
- Fix for D-Line teleporting behavior
- Juke and head fakes (with the ball) now work via a vision cone system, where players directly in front of the player are more likely to get faked than at the sides
- Play-side blitzing players can now sniff out screen passes early, and will switch to cover the receiver. Chances affected by aggressiveness slider
- Fix for AI processing where it would skip over a play with "punt" as the output on non-punting situations, even though a specific play or package had been selected
- Some adjustments to the angle players will take when tracking down ball carrier from a long distance away (come more over the top)
- Support for packages added
- Support for motion and play action added, though there are no plays yet for them
- Several new plays added
- CPU ability improved a bit, especially when on CPU owned teams
- Punter/Kicker XP amounts changed to be a flat maximum value as long as the are the only P/K on the depth chart, and they are actually a P or K

July 20, 2009
- Fix bug with "select specific play" method of playcalling in AI where it would not follow pass blocking assignments
- Fix bug with inherited basic pass blocking settings not always being followed properly
- Fix bug with basic tactics TE blocking left/right settings not always being followed properly

July 19, 2009
- Fix to line blocking target selection order, to better block some exploitative "bunched" D line lineups, and make sure OT's do not try to block a DE coming from the opposite side.
- Fix to "fallback" option on man coverage via DPC, to make sure players who are set to blitz actually blitz.

July 8, 2009
- Fix to bug allowing mentor VA to stack bonuses too high

July 3, 2009
- Ensure DE with tunnel vision cannot get multiple speed boosts on the same tick when shedding double or triple team blocks, to avoid "teleporting" like behavior
- Ensure Head Fake and Juke abilities only allow one defender to be faked per tick

June 17, 2009
- Add an additional check to make sure players who are the primary target on the selected play cannot be set to pass block
- Add repulsor for back of endzone during QB dropback, to avoid drop back safety

June 14, 2009
- Big Heart veteran ability updated a bit

June 13, 2009
- Tunnel vision SA being active allows DE's to get a short speed boost when successfully stunning their blocker.
- QB's will not see blind side rushes coming as easily, so are less likely to throw the ball away early.
- First Step has been updated to not only improve acceleration as it normally does, but it actually increases max velocity briefly when it goes off. This allows those with very high agility to still see some benefit from the skill.
- Update to the maximum allowable angle for successful pass blocking, since there's been some blocks around the edge that look like holding.
- Knocked loose pass chance toned down a little in general.
- Coverage distance slider has been added for defense.

May 26, 2009
- Fix bug allowing too many incerceptions from passes that were knocked loose, reduced to more of a once in a blue moon kinda thing.

May 17, 2009
- Bump up stun likelihood a little on pass rush. This will likely get more bump ups over time until interaction has reached a good balance

May 14, 2009
- Defenders can now stun blockers when pass rushing and doing swim/rip moves.
- Fix to problem where defender would freeze sometimes on pitch play
- Update to KOS/KRS to make subs from these use energy setting properly when filling in the special teams slots
- Update to out of bounds logic to make sure sideline has avoidance vector added when player doesn't want to go out of bounds
- Update to LB logic, to make them better follow the trajectory of the player being covered on rushing plays. Should keep them from drifting inside away from the play like they had been.

May 12, 2009
- Fixed bug with incorrect definition on the deep strong 5th zone for custom D plays. Existing plays that are using this zone will need to loaded and re-saved to get the new definition in place.

May 10, 2009
- Fix for some pathing problems on off tackle plays, causing occasional delays on HB movement
- Max endorsement items per team changed to 3, now that we have national endorsements as well

May 6, 2009
- Fix to some man coverage distance issues, and to non custom play man 2 man formation positions for players in the box

May 2, 2009
- Change to flats zones, to make the defenders not chase anyone out of the zone at all
- Change to zone coverage vision checks to require only one passed check once the ball has been thrown, instead of requiring a check every tick
- Update to sure tackler to use original failed tackle roll values when calculating fumble chance

May 1, 2009
- Include QB and FB outside runs in basic tactics playbook

Apr 30, 2009
- Fix to allow AI requested FGs before 4th down in overtime

Apr 28, 2009
- Time spent falling onto the ball on fumble recoveries increased
- Fix for Singleback slam play RG wrong blocking assignment

Apr 27, 2009
- Fix on quarter formation defense plays to make sure the min blitzer requirement is followed

Apr 24, 2009
- QB vision check requirement to see and react to incoming pass rushers increased a bit
- LB vision check requirement to get into pass coverage vs RB's in M2M decreased a bit

Apr 23, 2009
- New QB tactic slider for pass distance added
- Make aggressive defenders more in control of their acceleration when jumping forward for the INT/PD attempt. Should help those guys with super speed from way over jumping like they have been.
- DL players in deep zones now get a penalty to stats in deep zones from defensive player creator.
- All custom D plays must have at least 2 rushers. NT/DT are defaults for existing plays that do not meet this requirement. 3 man fronts must rush at least 1 DL player. 4 man fronts must rush at least 2.
- Overlapping players on D will now be automatically moved to not overlap when they are placed on the field.

Apr 19, 2009
- Fixed bug with incorrect definition on the under strong 5th zone for custom D plays. Existing plays that are using this zone will need to loaded and re-saved to get the new definition in place.

Apr 18, 2009
- Update to coverage vs streak routes in M2M to backpedal better
- Fix to an occasional bug with downfield tackling
- Bull rush pass rush tactic fixed to use smaller avoid radius
- Big Sack fixed to not activate when QB is not attempting a pass
- Vision check requirement to see who caught the ball reduced by quite a bit. Should fix problems with lower level players standing around after a pass
- Update to run out of bounds logic to use smaller radius for nearby defender check
- Fix to allow custom D plays to properly use depth chart overrides from AI

Apr 16, 2009
- Better QB leading calculations update
- LB's no longer omnicient in pass coverage - they play more like real LB's.
- Big fix to lead blocking algorithm - rewrite on waypoint finding and vision cone to be more reliable and realistic
- Lots of little tweaks to individual running plays
- Jumping, diving, and low catches show up in replays now
- Passes knocked loose by a defender now show up in PBP as "knocked loose" and count as both a PD and a drop
- New tactics for specialty defense DC slots are available, along with KOS/KRS slots
- Punter tactics added
- Fall forward on tackles reduced by quite a bit
- Sure tackler VA fix - this now rerolls BOTH players' rolls, making it work better for the tackler.
- Increased energy usage on rushes
- Repeat play penalty added. We may keep this or disable it, depending on how it works in preseason
- Custom D plays can be used in sims via AI. The ability to move players around may be removed depending on how it works in preseason
- D Line shifts available as basic and AI option
- Blockers rotate their bodies better when run blocking to better get in between the ball carrier and tackler

Mar 23, 2009
- Fix for Singleback Flanker Drag play problem with HB not being a valid target

Mar 13, 2009
- Fix for occasional bug where man coverage would not attempt to close the gap on his receiver on vertical route movement.

Mar 12, 2009
- New pocket collapse code, harder to hold blocks over time, more dynamic motion
- Vision check to leave man and converge on ball when in coverage in M2M made much more difficult.
- Increase to hang time on P/KO
- Increase to range in which missed tackle rolls result in being dragged by the ball carrier
- Minor updates to several run plays, changing the handoff point to make the play more fluid
- Screen blockers get out and block better, QB drops back differently on screens

Feb 20, 2009
- Fumbles on sacks increased a bit, and the bonus from "big sack" SA increased quite a bit. "Monster" and "Big" hit fumble bonus increased to a lesser degree.
- KR/PR works a bit better, avoiding tacklers more.
- Pancake likelihood increased a bit if there is a big strength differential between blocker and defender. Works both ways, so with "reverse pancakes" too.
- QB has a better ability to lead the WR. I've rewritten the method for calculating throwing angles and targets.
- WR must pass a vision check to see where to go on bad passes.
- When a player falls down, his dot will shrink in the replay. Happens on pancakes, missed tackles, diving catches, getting faked out, etc. Basically any time a player falls down.
- Fixed a bug with stiff-arm and lower the shoulder. These should fire more often now, and not fire on returns randomly like they were.
- Hands and Smooth Operator SA's have been updated to do new, non-penalty related things.

Feb 10, 2009
- Super elusive running style added, selectable in player tactics

Feb 4, 2009
- Fix a bug where defense would call a timeout in the 4th quarter as if they were down even though the game is actually tied

Jan 21, 2009
- Fix to an occasional divide by zero error that was crashing sims here and there
- Fix to aggressive coverage defender ball intercept point calculation, to head for the receiver instead of the ball intercept point if the calculated ball intercept point is too far behind the receiver

Jan 19, 2009
- Fix to random occasional bug where defender's max speed was limited to the speed of the player he was covering after the ball is caught by someone else
- A couple fixes to address some occasional math errors on (mostly) long distance player intercept point calculations

Jan 18, 2009
- Fix to make players playing man to man coverage not dash forward too far at the start of the play
- Fix to include missing upper y axis boundary allowed on catches, missed in Jan 13 update

Jan 13, 2009
- Fix to require players to be a little bit more in bounds to try for an int/catch, instead of being able to catch it .0001 feet inbounds from the sideline.

Jan 11, 2009
- Fix to bug on acceleration (disallow a negative divisor) where having an extremely high agility score would allow you to accelerate faster than the player's max speed, causing strange jittering and other odd unintented behavior

Jan 10, 2009
- Fix to make sure players who are being dragged do not get assigned to be blocked

Jan 09, 2009
- Adjustment to Hard Count veteran ability to improve its ability to cause encroachment some
- Game XP formula for lv 28+ changed to flat 5 XP per play, 100 max
- K/P maximum XP per game increased, but ONLY for natural K/P
- K/P get an automatic start of 25 XP per game if they play at least one play, regardless of level

Jan 05, 2009
- Add maximum length to swim vector when breaking pass blocks so guys don't instantly swim to a spot 5 yards away from the play in one tick
- Increase of a couple ticks to base value of fake duration on head fake and juke abilities when rushing (not on route running)

Jan 03, 2009
- Increase to amount of balance lost when breaking a tackle, to help avoid super long strings of broken tackles in the middle of a 5 guy pile - should help improve gang tackling

Jan 02, 2009
- Update to CB zones on goal line defense play, to move them further out and cover WRs if there are any

Jan 01, 2009
- Reduced opponent radius for blocker avoidance routine, to allow for blitzing safeties to work properly, among other things
- Rollback to older version of CB coverage code that seemed to work a bit better
- Punt velocity was dialed back a little too much, especially now the players catch the ball properly. Notched it back up a little.
- Blocker avoidance radius increased a bit for elusive pass rushers so they can try and get around the corner a little better

Dec 29, 2008
- Fix to pitch plays for RB's who are uber fast - they now are forced to move at a "safe" speed until they catch the pitch
- Fix to bouncing ball intersection point finding routine, to make KR/PR catch ball properly more often
- Tacklers can now hang on and be dragged a short while if they barely miss their tackle roll, to allow for a gang tackle to possibly happen. Strength vs strength rolls helps determine how quickly the tackler will get shaken off.
- Fix to scrambing QB's scrambling too early in the play, rolling out into defenders - rollout now can't occur until several ticks into the play
- Made some adjustments to the location of pass blocking "zones" since the OTs and OGs got shifted back a yard on offensive formations
- Fumbles have a chance to be batted around instead of automatically getting picked up every time
- Possible fix uploaded for the omnipresent FB runaway bug

Dec 27, 2008
- Ball Z axis now added for next season's replays, with a shrinking/growing ball graphic
- Ball velocity knocked back a bit in general, for kicking, punting, and passing - I noted with the z axis update that some QB's were able to throw 40 yard passes with too shallow of an angle, like 10-15 degrees.
- I've redone the method in which zones are defined in zone defense to be more flexible for the various plays, and redefined every single zone play to make sure zones are properly placed and overlapped in the right spots
- Fixed a major bug in zone defense that would not allow players to remain in their zone properly once latched on to a receiver
- General updates to AI in zone coverage, mostly pertaining to "look ahead" logic to see when to leave the zone and when to release a player, and how over the top coverage plays the deepest/widest man
- QB targeting logic updated to allow the QB to pass the ball early, even if the play's set distance hasn't been met, especially if one man is wide open compared to everyone else being blanketed
- Per-route (instead of per play) set distances also added in various plays for QB targeting logic, to allow short routes more of a chance to get hit instead of waiting for a longer route to complete. This could be a real problem if the long route was run by a guy who's very slow.
- Pass quality and accuracy penalty increased on long (like 25+ yd) passes - with a tendancy to throw short or long (as opposed to left/right) more often on deep streak type routes
- QB can throw the ball away, as long as it wouldn't be an intentional grounding penalty (there's gotta be a player near enough to the sidelines to throw it away near, or he's gotta be out of the pocket)
- Penalty to kicker accuracy on super long kicks (51+ yds) increased, and goes it up exponentially the farther out you are. You really shouldn't even bother trying kicks past about 62/63 yards.
- KR/PR vision radius increased to allow more juking and avoidance. The size of the radius depends on running style, which ends up being multiplied by the player's agility, since low agility guys would end up dancing around alot and slowing down to much otherwise
- Weight factor on speed/acceleration increased a bit
- Monster Hit/Big Hit now show up on the pbp when they happen, since I figured it should be obvious to anyone when a guy gets his clock cleaned. It will say something like [Big Hit tackle: so and so].
- Monster Hit/Big Hit adjusted a bit to effect the "quality" of the tackle instead of just being a straight up force fumble bonus. This means they will help you stop a player from fighting out extra yards more, as well as +FF ability.
- Power Through, Stiff Arm, and other "break tackle" SA's show up on the pbp, since these would be easy for any fan to pick out too. It will say something like [Missed tackle: so and so (Power Through)].
- Power Through, Stiff Arm, etc, are now bonuses added to break tackle ability AFTER it's randomized, instead of added before being randomized. This ends up making tackle breaking slightly more likely when they activate.
- Reverse pancake more likely when breaking blocks - this was a big problem with run blocking, especially on screens with CBs, etc. When the defender broke a block, it would end up just re-engaging the very next tick because the blocker didn't get knocked down or pushed back much. High strength vs low strength = more likely knockdown now (along with the heavyweight VA). This seems to allow DT's to get in the play more on run plays too.
- Defender "make tackle" path calculation updated to react a bit differently when there are blockers close by as opposed to open field, and be willing to make wider turns (if he can!) to avoid the blockers. Should help quite a bit on those "CB blocks 3 guys" plays.
- "Run through the pile" slowdown increased to what I've been using in testing since I set it up, instead of the 65% I used in production last season
- Make tackle while being blocked penalty reduced a bit
- Vision check added to check if a defender can turn around and chase the tackler after the ball is passed, if they are pass rushing. Should cut down on those short passes being immediately stopped by a DE who's kinda nearby, and make short drag routes much more useful.
- There is now a reaction time penalty for a LB covering a WR man to man, since he's essentially playing out of position. CB's should cover WR's, and LB's should cover TE's and backs.
- LB "dropback run away effect" reduced - LB's now take a very slow drop step early in the play, and then drop into zones at normal speed if needed.
- LB pre-snap read reaction changed - they now sort of "shadow" the HB before he gets the handoff, which gets them in better position to fill the hole. If you want them to all out attack on the play instead, have them blitz.
- Pitch plays improved - I noticed that pitches were incurring the same "slow down because your catching sucks" penalty as normal passes. This has been removed, so pitches develop much faster, without the HB having to stop or slow down nearly as much.
- Receivers have the ability to "improvise" a bit early in their routes to try and do jukes, etc. to get past or around a defender. New tactic to be uploaded soon to turn this on/off (off for bad agility guys)
- Veteran abilities, obviously
- I've been trying to improve various animations to show what's going on more, with various things. You might notice players "shimmying" or doing "stutter step" type animations when being shock blocked or when head faking. It can be kinda hard to notice in the midst of a quick replay with guys moving everywhere, but if you slow it down you might see some stuff.
- Offensive formations now have the G's and OT's back a step from the center, instead of a straight line
- You cannot kneel or spike unless it's in the final 2 minutes of the half or 4th quarter.
- The final tick of the play is now rendered properly in the replay, showing the correct positions of players.
- QB throw away tendency (how much pressure to allow)
- Spike ball play
- Route Running style - "follow the play" or "improvise"
- Running style is now a slider. -100 is the old "Power" while 100 is the old "elusive" and 0 is the old combo. Various spots in between will end up adjusting how likely the player is to try and avoid tacklers.

Nov 27, 2008
- Added semi-aggressive coverage option.

Nov 26, 2008
- Make sure second half defense timeouts get called and printed to the play by play.
- Make "medium" coverage style be a less agressive without help over the top.

Nov 22, 2008
- Force the receiver on screen plays to head "outside" behind his blockers.
- Fix for occasional odd defensive reaction to hook/curl routes, from what I can tell (hard to reproduce)

Nov 21, 2008
- Fix for the QB's "running in circles" on QB rush plays sometimes.

Nov 20, 2008
- Added code to make sure QB drops back on pass plays for at least a couple ticks, to avoid the "insta-snap-pass" that's been coming up recently, especially for slow QB's.
- Adjusted risk value of being covered relative to being further down the checkdown list, starting with +10%. Should allow a few more checkdowns to less covered guys.

Nov 18, 2008
- Snap delay vision requirement reduced by about 40%

Nov 17, 2008
- Snap delay based on vision added for pass rush (similar to running play delay)
- Ball carrier gets slowed down more by passing through a pile of players, especially around the line
- "Protector" skill gives a bigger bonus to movement speed and turning ability then before

Nov 16, 2008
- Updates to 2nd half timeout calls based on suggestions on forum